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This Fashionable Grandma Is Making Waves On Instagram

A 65-year-old fashion blogger has attracted 657,000 followers on Instagram, proving that the platform isn’t just for the younger generation.

Accidental icon

Fordham University professor Lyn Slater began her online career in 2014, setting up her personal blog Accidental Icon. Slater eventually expanded to Instagram where she gained a lot of following because of her minimalist fashion style.

Her popularity on the platform quickly drew the attention of fashion brands. In 2017, she became part of MANGO’s “A Story of Uniqueness” campaign which promoted individual authenticity.

She has also been under contract with Elite Models London.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Slater recalls how all the opportunities started when she was mistaken for a fashion model while waiting for a friend. She adds that Accidental Icon, the name of her blog and Instagram page, came from her friend’s expression after the incident.


One noticeable aspect of Slater’s Instagram page is her constant use of the hashtag #AgeIsNotAVariable. She explained that the tag represents her belief that fashion should not be defined by age barriers, stating that people should wear what they find pleasing.


She adds that this is what differentiates her from other fashion bloggers, as she does not strictly follow trends. While she might refer to certain trends from time to time, she states that she focuses more often on a piece of clothing or on what she feels.

What she can teach about Instagram marketing

While Slater said she started Accidental Icon as more of a hobby, she demonstrates some useful lessons on Instagram Marketing. One such lesson is how to make a page stand out from others.

In Slater’s case, the idea of a 65-year-old fashion model is already enough to get people interested, but she still focuses on creating unique content for her followers. Slater adds that she tries to retain as much creative control as possible on her content.

Using her unique hashtag also helps with that distinction. Slater’s #AgeIsNotAVariable tag has a simple and clear message that her followers easily relate to. She also uses the tag strategically. Instead of adding it to every post, she only inserts it in select images that best fit the tag. This strengthens the association between the tag and her brand, and helps boost her brand’s popularity online.

Lyn Slater isn’t just one stylish grandma on Instagram. She also turns out to be savvy in engaging followers on the platform. Check out her page, and you will definitely learn plenty of lessons on attracting both young and old followers on the site.

Date: May 25, 2019 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Rich Drees


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