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Baby’s Gorgeous Hair Draws tons Of Instagram Followers

A cute baby is making waves on Instagram for her beautiful hair. She has attracted more than 300,000 Instagram followers because of it. You may not be a baby with Pantene-worthy hair, but you can learn a thing or two about the nature of viral content.

Hair Diary

The one-year-old Japanese baby, fondly named Chanco, started gaining attention on Instagram in May 2018 after her mother posted this photo.

People quickly took notice of her fluffy hair and complimented the kid for it. That initial photo has since attracted 14,000 likes, and her dedicated page has gained 397,000 followers.

When she was born, Baby Chanco already had a full crown of hair. Since then, her mother chronicled her and her locks’ growth, posting new, weekly photos on Instagram.

Each photo garnered at least 10,000 likes, cementing Chanco’s popularity.

Her first shampoo commercial

Baby Chanco’s funky hair has become such a hit that she is now an endorser for popular shampoo brand Pantene in Japan with veteran Japanese announcer Sato Kondo.

Titled “Hairy Tale,” the commercial is part of Pantene Japan’s #HairWeGo campaign which celebrates unique hairstyles. According to the Daily Mail, Procter & Gamble President of Global Hair Care and Beauty Sector Alexandra Keith liked Chanco’s look so much that she immediately arranged for Chanco to be part of the ad.

What Baby Chanco tells about viral marketing on Instagram

Baby Chanco’s sudden rise to Instagram fame demonstrates how the cuteness element can be used to create viral content on the platform. While Chanco’s mother posted the images mostly for her personal amusement, the public quickly latched on to the baby’s uniquely cute looks.

What makes Chanco’s Instagram posts more engaging is that each photo has a story to tell—be it about her ever-growing hair or her baby milestones. Chanco’s mom presents these stories through fun captions that add to the images’ feel. She also uses plenty of themed hashtags that helps make the photos more discoverable to others.

Riding the trend

Brands should strategize when trying to use trends like Baby Chanco. They need to come up with content that matches the trend. In Pantene’s case, the brand has the right campaign and message that fits Chanco. This lets Pantene naturally incorporate Chanco in its campaign even though the baby doesn’t use the product yet.

Pantene also had a clear idea of how it wanted to deliver the message through Chanco. Procter & Gamble Japan Associated Brand Director Yoshiaki Okura said that the campaign was geared towards women wanting to have a more positive outlook. He remarked that Chanco’s luscious locks and carefree attitude represented that message well.

Baby Chanco’s rise to fame proves that just about anyone can become viral on Instagram. Whether you are looking to make your own viral hit, or wanting to ride these trends, she can teach you a lot on how to do it the right way. Study her account page, and marvel at her fluffy hair while you are at it.

Date: May 21, 2019 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, / Author: Rich Drees


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