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Study Claims Tagging Instagram Users Doesn’t Generate Engagement

Tagging users on Instagram is a common tactic marketers and influencers use to draw attention to their posts and generate engagement. As it turns out, the tactic might not be as effective as claimed.

A surprising reveal about tagging Instagram users

According to a report published by social media analytics firm Mention, the level of engagement gained by an Instagram post actually drops when more users are tagged. For instance, while you might gain an average of 2,500 likes when tagging five users in a post, the number drops by almost half when you double the number of tagged accounts.

This runs counter to the tactic’s whole premise that the more users you tag, the more people you can engage. Mention explains that such a drop is often due to the composition of the tagged accounts. While marketers usually tag a more varied set of users to increase reach, some tagged users might not be directly relevant to the posted content. If they find no value in your post, then it’s no guarantee that they will engage.

Tagging too many users can also create a negative impression on your page. It would look like you are trying too hard to call attention to your post. This further discourages people from engaging.

Creating a better user tagging strategy

When deciding whether to tag users on your Instagram post, Mention says that you should only do so if the posts are relevant to your audience. Uber Eats tags different restaurants in its posts.

Since these are places where Uber Eats’ audience might want to order, followers will be interested and then engage the post. What’s even better is getting the restaurants, with their large audiences, to engage with the post in some way.

On the flip side, think about the value of the post to the people you tag. One common situation here is when you tag others to notify them that you are featuring their work. As they like seeing their work shown on other pages, this will increase the chance that they would engage and even get their followers to check your post.

Turning your tagged posts into conversation starters is another way to encourage more engagement both from the people you tag and your audience. Ask the former some questions which might interest your audience. Acting as a mediator between the two parties can turn your post into an interaction hub, generating more engagements.
While tagging other users on Instagram turns out to be not as effective as you may have thought, that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing it. With a bit of strategizing, you can still take advantage of the tactic to attract more meaningful conversations. Follow our tips, and be ready to tag the right users you want to engage with.

Date: April 26, 2019 / Categories: Case Studies, / Author: Rich Drees


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