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How To Best Use Instagram Nametags

Instagram’s new Nametag feature is the latest tool marketers are taking advantage of to attract new followers. Let’s take a look at the ways that you can use it to boost your presence on the site.

How To Best Use Instagram Nametags

How Nametags Work

Launched officially in late 2018 after months of speculation, the feature lets users create custom Nametags. Other users then scan the Nametag with their smartphone cameras to open and follow your account. Instagram says that this makes it easier for people to connect with and follow other users.

To create your Nametag, tap on the Nametag option on your Instagram profile. You will get a few custom options for the tag’s background, like different colors or a selfie. You can change the look of your Nametag anytime you want to add variety.

The best thing about the feature is its shareability. After you create your nametag, you can share it as an image through social media and email. Since it works like a QR code, you can actually print it off and add it to objects that people can physically scan. Put it on a sticker, the front door to your office, or your company letterhead.

Using Your Nametag Creatively For Marketing

Just randomly posting your Nametag is not always going to get people snapping and following your Instagram. To have better success with it, you need to be creative in how you distribute your Nametag and draw attention to it.

As mentioned above, printing is one of the best ways you can share it with people and promote your page offline. If you are running a physical store, for instance, you can post the tag within the premises to let people quickly follow your page and view other product photos you have.

You can also include the nametag on business cards or flyers you hand out. This is great if you are participating in events and would want to network with other participants. Below is a good example of how the tag can be incorporated into an eye-catching card.


Use Instagram Nametags Digitally

An interesting bit about Instagram Nametags is that the scanning feature actually works even when used on digital screens.


This lets you broadcast your tag on public display screens where anyone passing by, or watching a YouTube video, can quickly scan your code and check out your page. It’s a great tactic if you don’t have the time to distribute printed materials.

Incorporating your Instagram Nametag into your website is another way to use it digitally, especially if you are getting a lot of engagement on your site. Some of the places that you can put it in are:

  • Your About page
  • On your Contact Us page
  • In your downloadable content
  • As an onscreen pop-up

These options let you more effectively direct web visitors to your Instagram page and do cross promotions.

Offer Giveaways Using Your Nametag

To better entice people to scan your Instagram Nametag, use it as part of contests or giveaways. This works similarly to regular ‘Follow-to-win” contests, but will be much easier to implement since participants don’t need to fumble around with entering your username.

Be creative in how you do the contest. Adding a physical element, where participants need to actually look for your Nametag and scan it will make the event more interesting. You would also want the prizes to be easily redeemable for the benefit of your followers.

Despite being a relatively new feature, Instagram Nametags offers a lot of potential for attracting more followers to your page and generating engagement. Get yours today and start sharing it online and offline!

Date: April 4, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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