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Four Smart Ways To Boost Your Instagram Follower Numbers

Getting followers is arguably the most challenging part of running an Instagram page. You need to have a good strategy to entice people. Here are different tips and techniques to try out for drawing more would-be followers.

Work on your Instagram profile

Having an engaging profile is a good way to start off your Instagram page. When people see your images, they would want to check your page and know more about you.

Your profile image is the first section you should work on. Note that you only have 110 by 110 pixels to use, so here are a few tips to maximize that space:

  • Show your face: A headshot photo where your face is visible is an effective way to get people’s attention. People tend to respond to faces more than anything else.
  • Show your style: Use backgrounds and props that match your general Instagram aesthetic. For consistency, edit your profile image the same way as you do your main ones.
  • Experiment with angles: Don’t just stick with a front face shot. Try different angles to see the one that best conveys your personality.
  • Change your profile photo often: You can match your profile image with the seasons or simply change as you please to keep your audience interested.

Doing these steps will turn your profile image into a welcoming sight for new page visitors.

Write a good bio

When writing your Instagram bio, think about what exact information you want to tell the audience about yourself. This should closely tie with the content you will be uploading. For instance, if you are sharing handicraft projects, tell visitors about these things right in your bio.

Showing off a bit of personality also helps make your bio more entertaining. Instagram is a more informal platform, and you should definitely match that tone. Using the right emojis is a good way to pull that off, like what this popular cosplayer does.

Create a schedule for your posts

Having a steady stream of content is always effective for attracting and maintaining followers. According to social media marketing software provider CoSchedule, one to two posts per day is a good starting point. You can then gradually increase the frequency as your follower numbers grow.

To ensure that your followers would see your posts, you need to have a defined schedule. Determine the best times to post by looking into expert recommendations and doing your own experiments. Once you know these times, build your schedule around them, and plan other content to post during off-peak hours.

Automating your posting helps ensure that you meet the posting schedule. Tools like Sprout Social will let you automate up to a month’s worth of posts. Be sure to inform your audiences about posting times to get them following.

Actively reach out to people

Just waiting for people to see your photos and follow you is not going to cut it. Sometimes, you need to be active in reaching out to them. Connecting your Instagram profile to your contact list is one of the quickest ways to do this. Just sync your Instagram account with your contact list to follow friends who might already be on Instagram. Make sure though that they are willing to follow you back before sending them a request.

Tagging other users also helps draw more followers, as you also become visible to their audiences. When deciding which users to tag, consider if your posts would be relevant to them. For instance, you can tag users who are looking for the information contained in your post. Tagging people who contributed to your work is also a good strategy.


Promote everywhere

Making your Instagram account more visible online is a must if you want to grow it faster, and is a key to getting followers for free. Some of the online channels to use are:

  • Social media: Post some of your Instagram content on different social media sites. Provide a link and an invite there so your audiences can check out your Instagram page.
  • Your website/blog: Embed your Instagram posts on your site or blog. Add widgets to let visitors quickly check out your page.
  • Email: If you run an email newsletter, make sure there’s a link to your Instagram page in the contact information

These places will not only attract more followers but these will also give your current ones a more immersive experience and keep their interest.

Promoting offline is also a good idea. Instagram’s Nametag feature is a useful tool here as it lets you create a scannable image that automatically directs people to your page. Incorporate these images into different objects and handouts you give away during events, telling people how to scan the tags.

These tactics are just a few ways to draw more followers to your page. Whichever techniques you use, remember that your goal is not just to increase follower numbers but also keep them interacting with you. Follow that mindset, and you will soon find yourself with a thriving Instagram community.

Date: April 19, 2019 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, / Author: Rich Drees


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