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The 10 Best Instagram Follower Tracker Apps Available Now

Keeping track of your Instagram account’s growth is often a tedious job with all of the follower numbers to analyze. Luckily, there are apps that will make the work easier. Here are the 10 best Instagram follower tracker apps to try for keeping tabs of your follower growth while on the go.

Apps available for both Android and IOS


iconosquare instagram follower tracker Iconosquare is one of the popular analytics tools for tracking your Instagram growth. The mobile app version displays the essential metrics like the number of followers and likes you gained in an easy-to-read scorecard. You can even view the metrics for your 30 most recent posts.

The app’s pro version offers more features, including a detailed view of your community growth. It also displays the number of impressions your content gets. Like the desktop version, the Iconosquare mobile app can be used to schedule your Instagram posts.

Due to the recent changes Instagram made to its API, Iconosquare is now available only for Instagram business profile users. Some Android users have also noted in their reviews that they are having trouble connecting their IG accounts to the app. Iconosquare was quick to respond to the complaints and have fixed the issue.

FollowMeter for Instagram

followmeter for instagram follower tracker tool FollowMeter is a mobile app that offers a simple way to view your Instagram follower numbers and overall popularity on the site. Its main feature is the color-coded meter that displays your approximate popularity. Underneath it are the number of new followers you gained, as well as how many have unfollowed you.

The engagement section displays your most and least popular posts. It will also show the top likers for your posts. Another handy feature is the Discover section that displays popular Instagram users that you can follow. By paying for a premium subscription, you can also get featured in the Discover section and get the attention of potential followers.

Users have noted that FollowMeter might not be able to display large accounts. The developer doesn’t provide information as to what the app’s threshold is. This means you will need to test it out to see if it is able to display your account properly.

Follower Insights for Instagram

follower insights for instagram follower tracker Follower Insights for Instagram displays plenty of follower growth information in an easy-to-use format. Tapping on the Popularity icon lets you see the number of followers you gained and the average number of likes your posts received.

You can also use the app to find users who have unfollowed you and those who might have blocked you. This information is useful for planning a strategy to recapture them. The app works for multiple accounts, which helps when running a large campaign.  

Like most free trackers, Follower Insights displays a lot of ads. Users can purchase the paid version to remove these, but some reviews noted that it can interfere in the app’s ability to display follower information.

Reports+ Follower Analytics for Instagram

reports+ follower analytics instagram Reports+ Follower Analytics is another Instagram follower tracker that shows information in an easy-to-read format. Aside from displaying your follower numbers on a scrolling banner, it also generates a chart of your activity for quick analysis. The optional Engagement pack can even display the users who have unfollowed you.

The app also lets you track content performance. You will be able to find out who among your followers are engaging with your content the most. You can use rhis to optimize your posting schedule and deliver the right content to your followers.

Reports+’s paid version lets you manage up to 3 Instagram accounts, but several reviewers noted that certain features from the free version might not always work on the paid one. The app also has login issues from time to time that you should be aware of.

iOS-only apps

IG Master Followers Analyzer

ig master followers analyzer IG Master Followers Analyzer is an Instagram tracker exclusively for Apple users. The app can display your best followers based on their level of engagement. The makers even claim to use an intelligent algorithm to find potential followers.

A great thing about IG Master is that you can use it for managing your followers in bulk. You can unfollow multiple accounts in a single tap. It also shows the users who have unfollowed you and the ones not following you back.

One issue with the app is that some of the follower metrics are inaccessible unless you pay for it. Its prices are slightly on the higher side, which might not appeal to some users. Reviewers also reported that the app will sometimes not work properly after you upgrade to the paid version.

Followers Pro+

instagram follower tracker toolFollower Pro+ Followers Pro+ is another popular Instagram tracker for iOS. Aside from presenting the essential follower metrics, the app also gives plenty of information on the users that are still not following you. You can then connect with them right from the app’s dashboard.

The app is also useful for planning follower engagements. It tracks and displays the amount of engagement you get, which is useful for determining the best times to post your content. The paid version gives you additional features like the ability to block users.

One thing to watch out for with the app is the updates. Several app reviewers have reported that the analytics data is reset whenever you upgrade to a newer version. The app will eventually refresh the data, but you should be aware if you are using it for real-time tracking.

Unfollowers On Instagram

unfollowers on instagram follower tracker app Unfollowers On Instagram is an iOS app dedicated to tracking the users who have unfollowed your account or not following it yet. It displays all the recent unfollows in a simple list. You can then unfollow individual accounts or all of them by tapping on the appropriate action. Getting the paid version unlocks additional features like multiple account management.

The app has several unique features. One of these is the widget option that lets you view your stats without opening the app. The widget appears in your device’s notification panel for quick viewing. Unfollowers On Instagram also provides a secure two-step login verification process.

Like other third-party apps, Unfollowers On Instagram’s functionality has been affected by Instagram’s API changes, but it isn’t significantly limited and you will be able to get most of the essential data from it.

Android-only apps

Follower Tool for Instagram

follower tool for instagram Follower Tool for Instagram presents plenty of useful information using a detailed dashboard. Aside from your total follower numbers, you will also see how much your numbers have increased or decreased within the last few weeks or months. A graph at the top of the screen shows the stats for your last seven posts.

The app is also great for bulk follower and account management. It lets you:

  • Bulk follow
  • Bulk unfollow
  • Follow the people a user is following
  • Like multiple posts

You can set the number of actions the app executes in a given time and the interval between actions, giving you a lot of control over the process.

The app also has paid engagement analytics. While this isn’t as extensive as those seen in full-blown Instagram analytics tools, it still gives you the basic information about your paid promotions’ performance. One thing to keep in mind is that the app might encounter errors from time to time. The developer, CC Soft, does respond to questions about the errors, helping you resolve them quickly.

Unfollowers and Ghost Followers for Instagram

unfollowers and ghost followers for instagram follower tracker If you want a dedicated app for tracking those who are not following you, Unfollowers and Ghost Followers for Instagram is one option to consider. Aside from displaying the users who have unfollowed, the app also shows:

  • Users you are not following back
  • Your mutual followers
  • Inactive followers

You can do bulk actions for any of the lists, like unfollowing multiple accounts. The app lets you whitelist any user you don’t wish to unfollow. If you are using the whitelist feature on multiple accounts, be aware that it lists followers for all accounts. Some reviewers noted that this can lead to confusion and cause you to whitelist the wrong users.

Another great feature is the Global Shoutout section. This displays the accounts the app promotes on its network of users. By paying a small fee, you can add your IG profile on the shoutout for up to 7 days and get additional mileage.

Follower Tracker for Instagram

follower tracker for instagram app Another popular tracker app is Follower Tracker for Instagram, made by Insight Expert. The app features an eye-catching display that lets you easily browse follower data. You can then switch to detailed analyses of your follower and engagement metrics.

The app also suggests users to follow and connect with. You can search for users within your location or the most popular ones based on the users you are already following. There is even a global shout out that you can join for extra promotions.

Follower Tracker can be used to manage multiple accounts, but some reviewers warn that there might be login issues when switching from one account to another. Other reviewers have also reported that the app will sometime return inaccurate data.

Track your growth with these Instagram follower tracker apps

Having Instagram follower tracker apps is useful if you want to keep tabs on your account’s growth while on the go, or see how your competition is doing the moment something big happens. Some of the good ones we recommend are:  

  • Iconosquare: The mobile version of this popular analytics tool offers the same level of functionality as the desktop version.
  • FollowMeter: Gives an-easy-to read overview of your popularity on Instagram.
  • Follower Insights for Instagram: Lets you quickly find users who have unfollowed or blocked you.
  • Reports+ Follower Analytics: Displays your follower data in easy-to-use charts.
  • IG Master Followers Analyzer: An iOS app that lets you find the best potential followers to engage with.
  • Followers Pro+: The app features engagement tracking for planning interactions with followers.
  • Unfollowers On Instagram: A dedicated ioS app for tracking the people not yet following you.
  • Follower Tools for Instagram: A good app for managing followers in bulk.
  • Unfollowers and Ghost Followers for Instagram: This app is useful for discovering unfollowers and planning how to engage them.
  • Follower Tracker for Instagram: The app offers detailed insights on your follower and engagement data.

Take advantage of these apps to get a better picture of your Instagram following. That information will be vital for planning your follower engagement tactics and getting more fans.

Date: December 12, 2018 / Categories: Apps, Follower Tactics, / Author: Rich Drees


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