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Get Free Instagram Followers with These Killer Tactics

Getting free Instagram followers is one of the important goals to accomplish if you want to see your page grow. While you might think that it’s no easy feat, there are a lot of ways to pull it off. Here are some useful tactics you can try to get more people following your account.

Great content is the key to free followers

Your account is only going to be successful based on its content. That’s it. The photos and videos you take, the captions you write, and the hashtags you use are the whole point of why you’re on Instagram. You need to think about all of these aspects of Instagram, with a visual of how they’ll all work, even your color scheme and choice of filters will matter.

Make sure that your style is seen throughout your account. Incorporate your chosen scheme not just in your photos, but also other contents like video or even your profile picture. National Geographic, for example, is well-known for their breathtaking nature photography, which they never fail to showcase on their page.

Sticking to your style is important, especially when it comes to your core content. You can participate in trends and holidays, but it can still be done through your style.

Use your captions more

While Instagram is mainly a visual platform, that should not stop you from using your captions to drive interest. Give additional information that adds more context to the photos. Go beyond visual descriptions and stimulate the audience’s other senses through your text. You can even share full stories about your content, like what user Branden Harvey does for his advocacy posts.

View this post on Instagram

Today is #WorldAIDSDay and I’m thinking back on the time I spent in Rwanda with @red two years ago. Just a few decades ago, being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS was a death sentence. Today with the right access to medication, someone with HIV/AIDS can expect to live a full and healthy life. That’s why I’m so grateful for organizations like @red doing INCREDIBLE work to change the game for countless people around the world. Here’s an old story about one of my favorite people I’ve ever met from my time in Rwanda with @red: . Today I had the pleasure of meeting my new friend, Godelieve. When we walked into her front yard, she gave each of us the biggest hug ever and we sat down to hear her about what life is like being HIV positive. She is a mother of 4 and grandmother to 1. While visiting, we asked her what word she would choose to describe her life, and she said “strength”. . Sixteen years ago, when Godelieve learned that she tested HIV positive, she found it incredibly difficult to accept. She felt like it was the end for her – she was afraid of being excommunicated from the community & was afraid she’d never live a healthy life again. . Her community health workers helped assure her that those things were not true and that life could still be good for her, as long as she accepted her condition & the treatment available. She now takes her medication every day and has a healthy life, along with all of her children who are all HIV free. They live on a piece of land that they farm & are raising a cow together. She said dreams her kids will receive a good education and will be grow up to be leaders for the future of Rwanda. #REDinRwanda #endAIDS

A post shared by Branden Harvey (@brandenharvey) on

Notice his use of @tagging other accounts, of complete relevance, as well.

Create a variety of content

In addition to photos, Instagram has other content formats:

  • Stories
  • Story Highlights
  • Live video
  • Videos
  • IGTV’s long format videos

Mix and match these different types of content to add interest to your posts. Use a content type that best presents a particular post’s idea and catches the interest of followers better.

Create a consistent publishing schedule

Having a constant stream of content is an excellent way of convincing people to follow your Instagram page. No one wants to follow an account which publishes four pieces of content in a single day that then goes silent for weeks on end.

When creating your publishing schedule, use these analytics tools to get insights about your audience’s viewing habits and build your schedule around them. By posting frequently and keeping your audience engaged, you can get Instagram’s algorithm to push you higher in their feeds and catch the attention of even more people.

Interacting with your followers

Increasing the number of Instagram followers you have boosts your social proof and encourages people to engage with you more and follow. You can do this quickly by using the free Instagram followers offered by different companies. Some of the providers that have these are:

These providers offer free followers as part of their services’ trial periods. This means that you can get them without having to sign up for a package.

Since these free follower packages are small, you might want to get them from several providers. Draw people’s attention to your increase of followers by posting about it when you hit a certain milestone, such as earning your first 3000 followers. Once your followers become aware it, they will be more interested to check your posts.

Get people to follow your hashtags

While convincing people to follow you directly can be a tedious process, getting them to follow your hashtag instead is effective for getting your content to them and influencing them. Convince them to do so by giving a compelling reason. You can emphasize the new content you will post and how following your tag will let them see it first, like in this post.

Pushing your tags to become more popular also helps draw people’s attention and get them to follow.

Share your audience’s content more

Another good tactic to catch the attention of people and get them to engage with you is by sharing their content. Check out your audience’s posts and find ones that you personally like. Tell your other viewers why you like that post and tag the original poster. Bowdoin College in Maine does this often as a way to showcase their students’ achievements.

When they see you sharing their content, people are more encouraged to follow and connect with you. They might even share your page with their peers, letting you get more free Instagram followers.

Moderate your Instagram comments section

You might not be aware of it but people are more likely to stick to an Instagram page if they find it conducive for conversations. Here are the two things to do to get that right:

  • It’s a good idea to do a general cleanup of your posts’ comments section. Aside from removing spam or irrelevant comments, you should also look for ones that are offensive or aggressive towards other users.
  • Since you’re already reading comments for appropriateness, why not reply to a few? If you have to be the one to get conversations going, all the better as you can build your relationships with people.

Keep everything orderly and your audience at ease by creating and implementing some sort of control over your comments, and get the right conversations going by participating personally.

Promoting your IG page

Doing promotions exposes your page to more people and gets them interested to check you out. Contests and raffles are some of the most popular tactics to hook people, with the simple “Follow us to join” ones being effective.

When doing contests, you can partner with different brands. They will not only provide you with the prizes to offer, keeping this tactic free, but also extra promotions to attract more participants. These brands are, in fact, willing to sponsor such events since they get additional promotions themselves.


View this post on Instagram


Our new baby Mickey!😍 Smile smile because Disney is having a new giveaway! 😍 . Be among the 30 to take home your very own limited edition 90th Anniversary Mickey plush. Starting 1st Nov 2018 till 18th Nov 2018, we want you to put your best smile forward – just like how Mickey always does! First, share a photo on Instagram featuring your biggest smile. Then, tell us in your caption why Mickey makes you smile. It’s time to get creative! Be sure to tag us @DisneyPhilippines and include the hashtag #MickeyShareASmilePH so we get to see that big smile of yours! For more information, please visit disney.asia/mickeyshareasmile . My Outfit by @gtwbysm Wil's Outfit by @sm_youth

A post shared by Alodia Gosiengfiao (@alodia) on

Online celebrity Alodia Gosiengfiao does this often for her giveaways aimed at fans.

Collaborate with other users

Collaborating with other Instagram pages is another joint venture you can explore to attract more free followers. Look for users that are in the same niche as you and come up with material that will interest both your audiences.

Note that this isn’t limited to a partnership, collaborating with several other users give you an even greater reach. Don’t forget to ask your audiences to check out your collaborators, the other party will gladly endorse you to their audiences as well.

Join Instagram engagement groups

Instagram engagement groups are groups within the site and other platforms where members post and promote their page to other members in exchange for engaging with the latter’s content. This not only increases the amount of exposure you get but also gives you quick followers.

Engagement groups are open to small and large accounts but have strict rules, particularly with the number of engagements you are required to perform. Joining larger groups will give you a greater chance of being displayed higher in Instagram’s explore page, but the work on your end to be included can be considerable.

Promote your account outside the Internet

Making your Instagram account handle more visible offline helps get it into public consciousness and can drive traffic. Here are a few places to include it:

  • Add it to the business cards that you hand out to new contacts.
  • On your business’ entry door with an Instagram QR code Nametag.
  • Joining and volunteering for events related to your niche is another opportunity to promote your page and draw the attention of people to it.
  • Having the @handle name and QR code on tshirt and other items of clothing.

Don’t forget to talk about these offline promotions on your Instagram posts to create additional interest.

Follow these tactics and get more free Instagram followers

Attracting free Instagram followers might seem hard at first, but you can pull it off if you know how. Turn your visitors into followers by:

  • Creating engaging content: Use your Instagram page not just to post photos but to tell different stories that will interest your audience.
  • Interacting with them: Strike up a conversation with your Instagram followers and get them more invested in finding out what you have to offer.
  • Promoting vigorously: Enlist the help of other Instagram users and brands to bring your Instagram page to a new set of audiences and grab their interest.

Take advantage of these tactics and combine them with other growth strategies to further boost your follower growth and become the next big Instagram hit.

Date: December 7, 2018 / Categories: Follower Tactics, Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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