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13 Powerful Tactics To Get More Instagram Likes And Followers

With 85.5 million users and 95 million photos and videos being shared per day, any marketer would love to dive into Instagram and tap that big number of audience.

Furthermore, just like Facebook, Instagram is gaining lots of ad revenues amounting to $10.87 billion by 2019. This is a 37.7% increase since 2017. But with this large audience, how will you compete with the millions of users who are also after engagements? How do you get your brand get new fans and convert them into customers?

Posting and creating catchy caption is easy. But your content is nothing if people don’t know they exist. With Instagram’s millions of users, your post can easily get forgotten or lost in the Instagram universe.

So what will you do? How do you get people to notice your post? How will you get new followers?

These are just some of the questions all Instagram marketers have been trying to decode. But in reality, there are only simple steps that you need to follow if you want your content or account to stand out on Instagram.

But before that, you must understand what Instagram Likes are all about and why they matter.


13 Powerful Tactics To Get More Instagram Likes And Followers

Instagram Likes

Instagram likes, just like other social media platform, is an indicator that people love your content. Unlike Facebook, anyone, even those that do not follow you can like your post as long as they are able to see it.

If your post has more like, it has a tendency to be included in the Explore button. The Explore button is the magnifying icon located below in the Instagram app. It is where all the famous posts are located. So to be included in this feed means more exposure to your content, thus the more your brand will be known to many.

So how will you get that more likes?

Here are some very easy to do tricks that works like magic if you want to have higher Instagram engagement.

  1. Quality photos and videos

If you want people to actually like your photos or videos, you should post only quality content. Quality content needs thorough planning. How do you do that?

Here are some tips on creating quality photos or videos that people will like:

  • Show your face. Don’t be mysterious. Show your audience that you are actually a human being looking for virtual interaction. No user would want to deal with someone shady and hides behinds weird avatars. Showing your face actually increase your chances of getting likes by 38%.
  • Use colors. Use colors to create your Instagram brand identity. Also, according to studies, pictures with a blue concept or blue filters tend to get 24% more likes than those with red filters. If you also want to increase your likelihood of getting a heart tap by 17%, you should use single color instead of multiple.
  • Use filters. Use filters thoughtfully. Filters help your photos and videos to have good contrast and correct exposure. Usually, photos or videos with warmer tones get the best result. Instagram has editing tools that you can use to adjust the filter of your photos or videos.

You can also create unique content with Instagram’s unique editing tools and features.

  • Boomerang feature helps you create video loops
  • Focus helps you to blur the background while your face is in focus
  • Superzoom zooms in your image while playing a dramatic sound

If you want to explore more on how to create quality content on Instagram, check out this link.

  1. Use hashtags

Too lazy to put hashtags on your post? Or too excited that you use all possible hashtags in one post?

Hashtags are a great way for other people to see your post. Just make sure you use hashtags correctly. If not, you will just angry people or worst, Instagram itself.

So how to use hashtags wisely? Here are some of the best practices in maximizing the use of hashtags.

  • Relevant tags. If your post is about food, use hashtags that are relevant to food. If not, users will select the “Don’t show for this hashtag option” on your post that can potentially harm your visibility.
  • Important hashtags. 2 or 3 important relevant hashtags are enough for a photo caption.
  • Additional hashtags. Instagram allows 30 hashtags. But it is recommended to post them in the comment section instead of on the main caption of your post.
  • Variation. Don’t use the same hashtags in every post. Vary them up.

Be very wise in choosing hashtag. The #like4like or #like4follow or #follow4follow are some of the popular hashtags out there. But it is obvious that you are using these to fish likes and followers than connecting to your target audience.

  1. Tagging

You tag someone on your post because that post is relevant to them and also to encourage like and share. However, be wise in tagging people. Don’t just tag people that do not have any relation to your post. Furthermore, don’t force people that you tagged to like or share your post.

When you want to tag someone just type in @mention the name of the account. You will receive notification if someone tags you, or if someone interacts with your tag.

  1. Write catchy caption

Instagram is for photos. And some photos can speak for themselves. But it would not hurt if you will put a little interesting story about that photo. And besides, there is no limit on words when posting a caption on Instagram.

Don’t have an idea on what to write? Here are some ideas that might help.

  • Ask. You may ask your audience a question that is related to your post. It encourages interaction and sounds less promotional.
  • Humor. Include a little color on your caption with a little humorous snippet. In Instagram, no one likes to be too professional. Leave it to LinkedIn if you want to be a little formal.
  • Share the love. Try to mention some people in your post.
  • The shorter the better. A minimalist caption sometimes attracts more audience.

Be inspired by writing a witty and interesting caption with this.

  1. Tag your location

Tagging location is advisable, especially for businesses. It puts your business on the map making your audience find you easier.

  1. Get on the Explore Page.

Explore page shows all the topics that you love. Based on Instagram’s algorithm, it shows posts from the posts and users you interact with. It is the little magnifying glass you see on your Instagram app.

How to be on the page Explore page?

It is easy to know. But Instagram uses information about the content similar to what users engaged with, content with high engagement and content from accounts you already follow.

  1. Post frequently and consistently.

If you post frequently and consistently, your audience knows what to expect. They will tag you as authentic and with credibility since you are consistent with the messages on your content. Your brand will be easily recognized. It also promotes engagement with your audience. And it can generate leads as people will find your content useful and will come back to your account every now and then.

  1. Time it right

Post at the right time. The best time and day to post is during 12 pm and 1 pm, Monday to Friday. This is because users scrolls on their feed during their break time.

  1. Run a contest

If you are after increasing your likes, try to run a like-to-win contest. Offer a free service or product by just liking a photo – this will easily catch your audience attention and they won’t hesitate to use that heart button on your photo.

To best know if your contest is working. It is important to set goals and metrics.

  • Brand awareness – measure follower count, engagement and website traffic
  • Annual sale – measure purchases, annual engagement, and landing page traffic.
  1. Ask your followers to tag their friends

Encourage your followers to tag their friends in the comments if they think the post is related to them. Like, “Tag someone who needs this vacation so much.” or “Tag someone who thinks the same way too.”

  1. Comment, Share and Interact with other posts

Don’t expect other people to like, share and follow you if you are not doing the same. Also, if you have a high interaction activity, Instagram will reward you.

Make sure to participate in a social community that is related to your brand’s vision.

  1. Share your post on other channels.

One thing to increase your reach and engagement is using other social media. If you are promoting something on Instagram share it also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the likes. However, be reminded that each social media is unique. So make sure to approach these social media correctly. Like for LinkedIn, you need to be a little professional. On Twitter, you need to shorten your message up to 280 characters.

  1. Use Instagram ads

Remember the billions of revenue of Instagram projected by 2019? If you want some of that, learn to maximize the use of Instagram ads.

There are different ads that you can use, there is photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and stories ads.

So these are just some of the tactics to increase likes and followers on Instagram, let us know what works for your brand. The key is just to enjoy using the platform and follow its term of use to avoid penalties.



Date: December 11, 2018 / Categories: Buy Instagram Likes, Engagement, Follower Tactics, / Author: Rich Drees


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