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Instagram Influencer Agency Countdown: The 6 Best Agencies to Work With

The Instagram influencer agency that you choose to work with will be a big part of how successful your campaign winds up being. Choosing a bad agency, with poor organization, influencers with no influence, or who overcharge and underperform, can break your budget and ad campaign.

This article is going to show you five influencer agencies that have proven themselves to be successful. They all have great influencers in a variety of industries and niches who can truly turn your Instagram ad campaign around, and help you get the followers, shares, and comments you’re after.

Instagram influencer agency: Upfluence

upfluence influencer agency logo The Upfluence platform was originally built for self-service, but now has account managers to help guide your account towards success. They have a variety of specialists to help you, including:

  • Media planners
  • Strategists
  • Industry specialists
  • Developers

They have in-house tracking technology which can measure the content performance of the influencers you’re looking at working with, or actively working with. Being able to show real ROI is so important for making sure that everyone in your organization understands the importance of your influencers.

Not only can you track influencers, but you can also use Upfluence Analytics to track what influencers across social media are saying about you – giving you an opportunity to work with rising influencers, keep an eye on competitors, and watch trends and topics develop.

Major users: Ralph Lauren, PayPal, Hugo Boss, Microsoft

Instagram influencer agency: NeoReach neoreach influencer agency logo

The team over at NeoReach have designed their platform to operate on an annual fee whose amount flexes depending on the needs of each company or individual they work with. While they do target larger companies, it’s possible for medium-sized business to also make use of them.

How NeoReach connects with influencers is through an algorithm. The algorithm will mine social media sites for the right data, and NeoReach will then locate the Instagram influencers responsible for creating the posts with this favorable data, and then contact them. People can’t choose to join NeoReach as NeoReach chooses them, and with a database of over 3 million people you can be sure they’ve found great influencers for your Instagram marketing campaign.

A database that large requires great data, and they have plenty:

  • You’re able to search posts based on keywords to find influencers connected with those keywords.
  • They have options to refine the data based on demographics, as well as psychographics, which is certainly an advanced feature.
  • Their AI will find which influencers are best for you based on all of this data, and also learns from your searches so that you get better and better results the more you use their database.

Last, they have their own Influencer Media Value tool for calculating the ROI of your Instagram influencer campaigns.

Major users: airbnb, Walmart, BET, Amazon, Discovery Channel, Honda

Instagram influencer agency: AspireIQ

You may remember AspireIQ by its former name: Revfluence. No matter the name, this influencer platform has always aspired to have exceptional influencer management tools with descriptive  names like:

  • Campaign Creation
  • Content Collaboration
  • Creator Performance Spreadsheet
  • Trackable Sales Links
  • Campaign Lifecycle Management
  • Product Tracking

With even more features than those listed above, they have a tool for nearly every aspect of tracking and managing your Instagram influencer marketing campaign. Here’s one of their influencers on Instagram, professional skateboarder Garrett Hill, advertising for Grubhub:

Influencers can apply to be on AspireIQ, but they have to be vetted before they’re accepted. At this time, there are over 500,000 influencers in their database who have been verified as being real influencers in at least one niche. AI plays an important role in determining which influencers will be right for you out of this huge database.

To help your next campaign grow faster, they have a unique feature which allows you to highlight content which performed very well so that you can quickly find it when making your next plans. Want an even bigger leg up? They have tools that will allow you to repurpose your best content into paid ads.

Major users: Grubhub, iHerb, dyson, L’Oreal, TMobile

Instagram influencer agency: Hypr hypr instagram influencer marketing logo

The entire point of Hypr is helping you understand more than just who the influencers on Instagram are, and also know more about their audiences. The service is mostly for larger businesses, and has four pricing plans with different access levels for each one, all have unlimited searches:

  • Pro: 5 hours with an account manager/month, 1 login, 6 lists per login, 25 exports per login per month
  • Platinum: 10 hours with an account manager/month, 2 logins, 6 lists per login, 50 exports per login per month, 5 saved searches per login
  • Enterprise: 15 hours with an account manager per month, 4 logins, 12 lists per login, 50 exports per login per month, 10 saved search per login, note section

If you’re looking for a wide-variety of influencers, Hypr has over 10 million in their database, with full demographic data on these audiences.

How they keep this organized is by giving users tracking cards for each influencer. This gives you a chance to really focus on each influencer, rather than sort through reams of spreadsheets. You really have a chance to get to know the influencer and the audience, which is great because being personal and social is what every influencer marketing campaign is all about.

Major users: Bloomberg, hulu, Pepsi, Microsoft, LG

Instagram influencer agency: Julius julius instagram influencer agency logo

With 50,000 influencers in their database, Julius relies on personalisation and human-vetting of influencers over algorithms and AI. The database they have built has an opt-in option so that every one of those 50,000 people want to be there and participating in influencer marketing. There’s no point in doing all this research only to contact an influencer who doesn’t want to work with anyone.

In fact, many of the influencers they work with have talent agents actively looking for opportunities to advertise brands and accounts like yours.

Unique features of Julius include:

  • 50 search filter criteria
  • Hand-curated influencer data points
  • Data points on each social media site
  • Manual research on each influencer to see that they measure up
  • Influencer data is exportable to PowerPoint and PDF
  • Campaign management tools

You’re not going to get mass volumes of meaningless ‘influencers,’ nor are you going to get meaningless volumes of data you won’t use. You’re getting hand-curated and personalised data, which can be useful for those who are new to the influencer game who need some help making the right choices.

Major users: Philips, UNICEF, Reebok, Bank of America, airbnb

Instagram influencer agency: Open Influence open influence logo influence agency

Formerly known as Instabrand, because of their early focus on Instagram only, Open Influence is focused on providing scalable influencer marketing plans for businesses and accounts of all sizes. While Instagram is no longer their sole focus, they do still excel at it.

The big selling point of Open Influence is their search engine. This customized tool allows customers to:

  • Find influencers to collaborate with
  • See the influencer beyond the numbers and get context for who they are
  • Search by image recognition labels
  • Sort through interests
  • Find influencers using certain keywords

With a database of 450,000 influencers, and data on 19 billion monthly interactions, a powerful search engine goes a long way towards letting you find the people you need.

If you’ve been intimidated by any of the options above, Open Influence caters more to small to medium-sized business. They’re a great entry-level option for marketers who are testing out their influencer marketing campaigns that aren’t quite ready to use the larger platforms.

Major users: Toyota, MTV, Bose, Levis, Gap, Warner Brothers

Choose the best Instagram influencer agency for you

Every single option above is a great one – you simply cannot go wrong with any of the influencer agencies above. What you need to do is look at what each does, and how they’ll help you find the right influencers at a cost you can afford, with features you need:

  • Need help navigating every step? Upfluence will help you with their account managers.
  • Looking for powerful search? Open Influencer has image search features, as well as keyword and interest sorting, for when you need help finding influencers.
  • Need everything already built for you? AspireIQ has built many tracking tools so you can dive in without creating your own spreadsheets or building search parameters.
  • Tired of AI and algorithms and want some humanity? There’s no better choice than Julius with their curated influencers passing through human eyes.

Thinking about what your company or account really needs to succeed is crucial. Rushing into choosing the wrong company, and getting the wrong influencers, will give you a bad experience. Influencer marketing on Instagram shouldn’t ever be negative – it’s fun, it gets results, and it can help achieve any of your Instagram goals if applied properly!

Date: November 26, 2018 / Categories: Engagement, Follower Tactics, Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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