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All About Increasing Engagement on Instagram

Instagram had been known to promote positivity in the community enjoyed by users and marketers as well. Besides, the social media platform owes it to them for a safe environment where anyone can share, promote and create their thoughts as artistically as possible. The channel had been garnering much attention from almost everyone, including celebrities worldwide, summing up to more than 800 million users. With this, it is just fitting that Instagram is used by brands for marketing.

With many users onboard the Instagram vehicle, there is a higher possibility for your brand to be known. Budding brands and established businesses had been on the platform to let their brands get popular, as well as to know their audience. If you know your audience, you will be able to know how to plan ahead your strategies and plans for a successful marketing strategy.


All About Increasing Engagement on Instagram

Increasing Instagram Engagement Is Not Easy!

But now, this is not a simple task. As mentioned, Instagram had stepped up its game in keeping the platform safe and free from all other inappropriate things. It had also kept the platform a fair playing ground for marketers, as some might have resorted to other means, which is by the way not allowed in the app, to gain more followers and to have a high rate of engagement.

Marketers saw a noticeable decline in their following recently on Instagram. It had alarmed marketers who were following rules but had further decreased the number of their followers. There are many factors that are affecting this, so marketers who are clueless what gives should research on the matter. Many have cited Instagram’ shadowban for this.

So, it also goes without saying that marketers need to know how they can increase their engagement at a time like this. Admit it, usual tips and tricks do not make the cut anymore, and brands need to act fast in order to save their already high number of followers.


The Best Rule For Instagram Engagement Increases

Basically, the basic rule in marketing on Instagram is to just follow the rules. The social media platform had been clear about this, abide by the rules or you are out of this channel. And being banned from the site poses a significant threat to the brand, knowing that a lot of people from different places are present in the platform.

Avoid using bots. As tempting as it avoids resorting to these kinds of “help” that will only land your account in the “banned” department. Bots are used to comment on posts of followers, like posts or follow other users without having the marketer to actually do the job. It could help your brand grow your following without shedding a sweat but it might, in the long run, break your brand.

Be creative with your posts as well. Nothing beats engaging your audience through a quality and entertaining contents. Bring posts to life and be sure that there your audience gets intrigued by your posts. Unique contents should capture the onlooker’s attention. Pair your content with a caption that will call for an action. This is very important for marketers. Always end the post with an instruction for your audience to do, go, or follow.


The Best Rule For Instagram Engagement Increases

How Do Brands Increase Engagement On Instagram?

Brands can try asking questions to their audience, which could make them feel special and an essential part of your brand. It will make them feel that their thoughts matter and have value for your brand. You can also for opinions from your audience, which will help your comment section see opinions. And when the content and caption had been made, post it at a time when many of your audience would see it. And this is important because the more the engagement a post earns, the more it will be picked up by Instagram as relevant.

Also, make sure that you maximize what Instagram has to offer. There are loads of feature that the platform had offered to its users and these are useful for the brands to say the least. Take for example Instagram Stories. It is arguably one of the most important tools a marketer can utilize in the platform. This will enable the brand to post a series of videos or photos for 24 hours.

This feature is easily effective because it had been updated to suit its users’ needs. Polls had been added, which could aid brands in knowing the choices of its audience. Aside from this, Stories could also help drive profile visits if the viewer gets amused or curious enough to check your brand out. It could also be used in announcing new lines, products, and even contests.


Engagement Rate Boost: The Contest of Contests on Instagram

Speaking of contests, this is also a great engagement booster for almost every brand. Holding a contest will aid in gaining followers as well. In the mechanics, ask your audience to tag their friends and follow you in order go qualify to the promo. Those who are tagged will tag other friends as well, which will leave your brand with new followers.

You could also partner up with influencers or brands, which will greatly help in promotion. Influencers are a big help to contests as they already have a bug following, making their promotion of the contest widely known. Brands also are helpful as their followers will get to follow you and vice versa. The mutualism is strong with this one. You can reward your winners with a once in a blue moon experience or some tangible gift.

Join Instagram pods as well, if you are really having a hard time with Instagram’s new efforts. These are not restricted by the platform as it is technically not violating the terms. Pods are a group of 10-15 people, usually with the same audience, who talk with themselves in liking, commenting on each other’s posts. Unlike bits, real people do the work, but that it was just planned. It sounds like it is lacking genuineness but it will give your engagement rate a boost.

BONUS Engagement Tip: Instagram #Hashtags

Lastly, make use of hashtags. But be careful, there are loads of hashtags that were banned because these were used with inappropriate contents. Use a hashtag that would help you get people who have used the same hashtag, meaning they show interest on the topic. Research on this first so as to avoid being banned.

Date: November 16, 2018 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: Rich Drees


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