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Tips for Creating Engaging Content in Instagram

Social media channel Instagram has long been proven as a viable and effective bandwagon for marketing. Launched in 2010, it has since been ranking with other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This app allows its users to post photos and videos and also lets them follow people they like and leave “hearts” as like.

This is the reason why so many brands have taken over the social media platforms. These are very accessible and almost everyone has an account in these sites. Social media is a powerful tool to express yourself and to reach a wide range of people. Marketers use social media to engage with their audience and to make them aware of their brands.

Why is it important to engage your audience? Because engagement will eventually lead to sales and brand awareness. How do you do this? You need to develop relevant contents of high quality. This will not only make your audience engaged to your brand, but it will also help you achieve some loyal fans. Any engagement, whether small or not, is important in brand promotion. So take into consideration the comments, suggestions, and reactions people leave on your account because this means that they still visit your profile and still interact with your brand.

There are lots of ways to create your well-thought off content. Whether video or photo, you should think of how it will affect your audience, or if it will even catch the attention of your audience. And also remember that you might lose or gain potential clients with your posts.

Tips for Creating Engaging Content in Instagram

How To Create Engaging Content In Instagram

First, use authentic and updated photos on your account. Avoid some stock photos because these give the viewers a sense of fakeness. Steer clear out of these stock photos because they tend to emit the feeling of insincerity as well. Also, stock photos can be used by everyone. Google a guy with a car, and stock photos are everywhere. There is a big chance that your fans have seen the stock photos in your account from other accounts or sites as well. This will give them the impression that you do not value originality and lacks the determination to provide them with creative and relevant content.

There are many ways to get that unique content to upload. There are also many means. Cameras or smartphones can now be used in the shooting. They are accessible and you will not have to spend extra. It also pays to read about basic photography because you can use this in taking photos of your products. As much as your audience does not want to see stock photos, they also do not want to see blurred and out of focus photos of your products. Once you have that million-dollar shot, you can now plan on how to present it in your social media accounts. Try seeking help from sites like Spark Post, which masters in designing visuals online. You can also try to use Instagram’s offered features for sharing photos like the carousel post where you are able to share a number of photos in one go.

Second, present your best photos which are full of information but not too crowded that your audience does not know what to focus on anymore. This is important to note because of there a lot of photos that tend to puzzle your mind and make you wonder which one is the person trying to advertise. Those who do not have time will not read the caption anymore. Make sure that your photos will always be understood. The elements should complement the product in the picture and not overshadow the star. Make sure to use bright or bold colors for the ones you need your audience to notice first, or the ones which you are selling.

Third, follow the rule of thirds. This is also applicable in videos. It is never appealing to the eyes to have your product sitting at the very center of the frame. This is one of the basic rules in photography. Try to imagine the frame divided by 3 rows and 3 columns. In each intersection is where your product should be in order to be noticed first. This will give the artsy impression, depending on how well you have executed and presented the product.

In relation to the second rule, your photos need to have white spaces. These white spaces serve as a breather. Have you ever looked at a picture and suddenly your eyes just went crazy because of the number of elements present? Sometimes, to declutter a photo you need to just settle for simplicity. White spaces in photos can make your products stand out. Along with this, borders are also a breather. In Instagram, white borders would leave your feed looking like a coherent account. These white borders allow every photo to somehow be afloat among others. This is very cool to the eyes as each photo is standing out on their own. Admit it, it is very appealing to look at an Instagram feed you can take your time looking at each photo rather than you skipping your eyes to only those which you deem important.

Lastly, look at how the elements in your photo play together. Check the contrast of your elements and see if they are appealing to the eyes. The shapes should also adhere to your overall goal of the outcome of the photo. Find balance in the elements of the photos. There are tons of filters available for you to use as well. You can edit your photo on the app if you want minimal edits. Instagram has a set of tools for you to use if you do not have time to edit in other apps and these are easy to understand as well so this is better for those who have little idea in editing.

There are many factors to consider in creating the quality content you need in order to engage your audience. Just remember that balance is the key. Every photo should have a balance. The elements should complement each other and note that sometimes, simplicity is the way to go.

Date: October 9, 2018 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: Rich Drees


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