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Why It’s Important To Use Instagram Stories For Business

Ever since its introduction in 2016, Instagram’s Stories has been popular with regular users brands, influencers…pretty much everyone! If you are still not sure whether to join the trend, here are a collection of reasons why you should use Instagram Stories for business promotions.

Instagram Stories generate more engagement

With over 300 million active Stories users daily, you have a large audience that you can capture. These audiences also come from a variety of demographic groups and interests. This guarantees that you can find an audience that would be specifically interested in the Stories that you post. You can drive that engagement even further with the new Instagram Stories polls feature:

instagram stories poll feature

That poll is fake news. Who wants plain when they can have sprinkles? Honestly?

Furthermore, your Stories are discoverable by anyone, not just people who follow you. Even with the 24-hour time limit, you can attract a lot of new people to your brand by simply creating interesting Stories. You can then leverage this initial interest to get these new audiences to explore your Instagram posts, eventually sending them to your website or stores.

Creating more audience excitement

The short-lived nature of Instagram Stories is a useful tool for generating more interest in your brand. Sharing exclusive content is one of the ways you can create that interest. People love it when they get to see new content ahead of everyone else and will definitely check out the latest Story on their feeds for it.

Gaming news portal IGN does this often for the exclusive teasers of the new releases they feature.

instagram stories for business ign example

This increased interest and continuous engagement work well in keeping your brand in the consciousness of the public. Take advantage of this by coming up with more varied Story content that will make your brand stand out, and keep your content from becoming stale.

Creating deeper audience engagement

Beyond increasing the number of engagements you get, using Instagram Stories for business can help you deepen these engagements. Personalization is a key strategy here. Featuring your customers, employees, and executives in your Instagram Stories will help your audience feel better connected with your brand. The whole point of this tool is to create content quickly and personally.

@Tagging individual followers in your Stories also builds that connection. Since you acknowledge them directly, they feel more valued and will be encouraged to talk about your brand more. It’s important to build personal connections like this as you strive to get more followers.

Instagram Stories help drive site traffic

With the level of engagement that Instagram Stories get, they are an effective tool for driving traffic to your website. The “Swipe UP” function is one of the various ways that you can add links to your Stories, such as shown here by Vogue Magazine.

instagram stories for business voguue example

By building engaging content around these links, you can increase the likelihood that your Instagram Story viewers will click through and visit your site.

Reusing your Instagram stories also helps generate additional traffic for your site. There are a variety of ways that you can go around the 24-hour limit on your Stories, and repurpose them to get more traffic, if you're worried about their short lifespan.

Using Instagram stories for business

These are just a few of the reasons why you should use Instagram Stories for business purposes. Continue learning more useful techniques for getting the most out of Stories by visiting our blog regularlyand truly see your engagement and follower numbers take off.

Date: June 18, 2018 / Categories: Engagement, Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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