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Two Instagram Stories Updates; Stickers And Screenshots

The vastly popular photo-sharing platform is on a roll. It seems that the people over at Instagram don’t have weekends off! Almost every week there is a new update that somehow improves the platform, and today we will talk about two updates. One is already out and working, the other is in a beta/testing phase. Let’s see what these Instagram Story updates are all about.

Instagram Stories update: Screenshot away, my friends!

A few months back Instagram users were disappointed to find out that their screenshots on Instagram were recorded and Instagram notified the users anytime someone screengrabbed their Instagram Story. Those who do that no longer need to worry. You can now go back to freely screenshotting Instagram Stories.

This is what the notification looked like before. Once a screenshot of an Instagram Story was taken, the user was notified about the screenshot. That is history now. According to several sources, Instagram has already removed this functionality, and now Instagram users can go back to freely snapping screenshots.

Instagram didn’t explain its intention regarding this move, but it does have a lot to do with user engagement and the nature of Instagram users to snap Instagram Stories. Instagram likely removed it because nobody wants to be marked as the creep who screenshots someone all the time! Thanks to Instagram’s latest update, no one ever will.

Instagram Stories Update: New video stickers

This is an interesting update that will improve Instagram Stories. Instagram is, apparently, working on a new way to share stickers on Instagram Stories. This option would potentially enable users to add multiple images, including video stickers, as stickers to a Story frame.

This new option allows users to upload photos and videos as their own stickers. Pretty cool, right? The new option enables users to create single frame collages of their images, with the moving video being a separate option. This update is reportedly already available for some users, but it doesn’t appear to be widely spread just yet. I don't have it yet.

This type of highly imaginative content can be a great marketing strategy to get and keep followers. You can also reuse older content to keep engagement levels up when you run out of inspiration.

Instagram Stories gaining traction

Instagram Stories have taken off in an unbelievably dazzling fashion. With over 300 million active daily Instagram Stories, it is far ahead of Snapchat or Facebook Stories. Instagram, being well-aware of its advantage ahead of its competitors, isn’t looking to stop improving its platform anytime soon. In fact, in 2018 alone, they have released a series of updates that additionally improve the Instagram Stories functionality, such as:

All of these updates, including the ones we went through in this article, improve the functionality of the platform and provide more creative ways to use Instagram Stories. The second update about the Story Video Stickers is not officially released yet, but we’ll make sure to update you on any new Instagram update.

Date: June 16, 2018 / Categories: News, / Author: Rich Drees


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