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Instagram Story Shopping Feature Coming to Select Retailers, Expanding Soon

Instagram is continuously evolving. The innocent little photo-sharing platform has grown into a mature and highly-developed social media giant. The platform is the largely the same, but Instagram is no longer only about sharing beautiful, breathtaking photos. From Instagram Stories, to Live Videos, GIFs, and Polls; the world of Instagram is constantly growing. The team is now introducing Instagram Story Shopping to expand how things are sold online even further.

Instagram Story shopping feature revealed

Another day, another Instagram update! This time, Instagram targets select brands which will be able to add shopping tags into their Instagram Stories:

“From Adidas and Aritzia to Louis Vuitton, people have been able to shop from their favorite brands around the world, and now you can shop these businesses in Instagram Stories.”

This is what was written in the official Instagram press release. What this means is that as of today, June 13, whenever you see a shopping bag icon tab on any Instagram Stories, you can tap it to see more details about that product. The details include the price and a description of the product, as well as a link to the website.

instagram story shopping example

This feature comes as an addition for the Instagram Shopping feature, released in November 2016. This update made it possible for users to click on an Instagram post and shop for products, all within the platform. With the latest Instagram Story Shopping addition, users will be able to do the same in Instagram Stories. For now, this update is only available for select brands using Instagram Stories. More will be announced soon.

Instagram Story shopping is a win-win situation

This is a win-win situation for Instagram and brands. Instagram and brands will both profit from this new feature. With over 300 million daily Instagram Stories, it comes as no surprise that big brands would want to target this fairly large audience. This update allows them to tap into that massive audience in an efficient and direct manner.

instagram story shopping example aritzia

From now on, not only will brands be able to create engaging content on the platform, but they will also be able to profit from their creativity with the new Instagram Story shopping feature. With the right Instagram Story ideas, brands can reap the benefits of the Instagram Stories Shopping feature, and vastly boost their user-engagement as they boost their profit.

Make the most out of the evolving Instagram

Instagram doesn’t deny the fact that it wants to establish itself as a top social media platform. This is another move which seeks to solidify their connection with the very important brand money that will ultimately secure the platform.

Other than Instagram Story shopping, here are some other notable updates that have recently been released:

Now is the perfect time for marketers, brands, influencers, and all aspiring Instagrammers to get onboard with the evolving Instagram platform. Instagram has provided an easy way for brands to sell their products on Instagram, and with this feature the platform will surely ignite further Instagram Stories activity from every brand on Instagram.

Date: June 13, 2018 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: Rich Drees


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