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Group Video Calling, New Explore Layout, And More For You In Latest Instagram Update

Instagram is introducing Group Video Calling and adding improvements to its layout and camera effects features in its latest set of updates.

Group Video Calling now available

The new group video calling feature, unveiled on June 26, lets up to four people join a video chat session on the Instagram Direct messaging platform. To start a session:

  1. Swipe left on the Instagram homepage to view your Direct message threads. Choose the thread that you want to do a session in.
  2. Tap the camera icon on the right of the screen to start the session. People who are part of the thread will be notified on their phones.
  3. If there is an ongoing video chat in a group thread that you are part of, the camera icon will turn blue to notify you. To join the session, simply tap on it.

You can start a video chat conversation with anyone that you have an active Direct message thread with. Additionally, you can mute video chat notifications from a specific person by changing the video chat notifications in the Push Notification settings.

During the video chat session, you can minimize the chat window by tapping on it. This lets you do other things on your Instagram page, like posting and browsing on your feeds. You can also send messages and images to other threads you are part of. To return to the session, simply tap on it on the thread.

Enhancing private communication

The Group Video Calling feature is seen as part of Instagram’s efforts to take advantage of the growing popularity of private communication. Since the introduction of its Direct messaging platform, over 375 million users now interact through private messaging monthly.

Regular users are not just the ones who are likely to benefit from Instagram’s introduction of group video calling. You can take advantage of the feature to set up direct interaction with followers of your account. This works as an effective follower engagement tactic that will get them to bring in people to visit your account and posts.

Discovering new content

Instagram also unveiled its revamped Explore section, which now contains a new Topic Channels subsection on the top of the page.

instagram explore section update

The listing has a “For You” tab that contains the posts and channels that are presented to you based on your personal preferences. Alongside it are additional tabs for topics that you might be interested in. Opening each tab will also show hashtags for specific subtopics.

Instagram said that the revamped layout will make it easier for everyone to navigate posts and discover interesting content. You can control what topic channels to see by pressing and holding a channel tab, then selecting “Mute.” This pushes the channel to the end of your topic list. You can always unmute the channel if you want to see it first.

The new layout can also serve as a useful tool for effectively targeting your content. Take a look at the related hashtags in each topic channel to find out which ones are most commonly used by your audience. Exploring posts in each topic channel will give you useful ideas for pushing your content.

New Instagram Camera effects

The last update Instagram revealed was a new set of camera effects designed by popular Instagram personalities and brands, including:

  • Ariana Grande
  • Liza Koshy
  • Baby Ariel
  • Buzzfeed
  • NBA

The effects were made automatically available for anyone who follows those accounts. You can also try out the effects from the accounts that you are not yet following. To add an effect to your photos and videos, tap the face icon on Instagram Camera. Choose the effect you want to use and add it as instructed.

instagram camera effect update nba

These effects are a good way to make your posts fun for your followers. You can even go the extra mile and submit your own Instagram camera effects to create unique content for your audience.

Check out these great new features  from Instagram

The new features included in Instagram’s latest updates offer new engagement opportunities for you and your followers. To sum up these new features:

  • Group video calling: Be part of an engaging private conversation with up to four of your followers through video chat.
  • New Explore layout: Discover interesting posts and hashtags by looking at different topic channels.
  • New Instagram Camera effects: Make your posts entertaining for followers by adding new effects to them.

Check out all these great new features and discover how they will enhance your engagements on Instagram.


Date: June 28, 2018 / Categories: News, Video, / Author: Rich Drees


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