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Instagram Slow Motion Features, Mute Profile, and More Coming Soon!

The people over at Instagram have relentlessly been working on various updates in the recent past, and every one of them has been a success. Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, GIFs, Stickers, and many more, became an instant hit as soon as they were released. Even after the major success, it looks like Instagram isn’t done revolutionizing the platform just yet, with a bunch of new features seemingly close to release. Read on to find out more about these potential Instagram updates.

New Instagram features: Story reactions

Instagram is apparently going to emulate Facebook’s Stories reactions by implementing their own Instagram Story reactions. Instagram Story reactions are going to be sent through the private messaging system, meaning that they won’t be visible on the Story itself.

new instagram story reactions feature

Image via Jane Wong Twitter

With a tap on the “Write A Message” section, you can send an emoji reaction to the user in real-time. This feature will be an excellent addition to the already super-engaging Instagram Stories tool.

New Instagram features: Slow motion videos

Even though most smartphones already have the “slow motion” option within their camera, adding this feature to Instagram will be certainly welcomed by creative users. The feature is most likely going to be found along with other Story tools like “Boomerang,” “Superzoom,” and “Rewind.” Warning: It has a way to make mundane things more epic:

bestie'🤫 >giaannaa #bestfriends #slowmotion

A post shared by live in switzerland'🤫🌞 (@tanjaundgianna) on

This feature allows you to shoot content and then process it back in a slow-motion version. Although this is not a new feature that will surprise Instagram users, it can be seen as an attempt to try and reduce the need for third-party apps for creating content on Instagram.

New Instagram feature: Mute profile

This is one feature that users would gladly welcome on Instagram. Similar to Twitter’s mute button which silences particular users from the feed without unfollowing them, the Instagram “mute profile” feature will allow users to stop seeing content from a particular user on their feed, without having to unfollow the user.

new instagram mute profiles feature

This feature will allow users to customize their Instagram feed by showing content from users they want to engage with. If you follow certain people but you are not really interested in their Instagram activity, you are just a tap away from hiding their content. The person won’t even know they’re being muted.

New Instagram feature: Story Calendar

Another feature that is most likely to be introduced on Instagram is the Story Calendar. This feature will allow you to organize your content, check on which dates you were active, and give you a snapshot of the content.

new instagram stories calendar

The existing Story Archive is not easy very easy to handle, and this feature will make it easier for users to navigate through the content. The Calendar view will come in handy for active Instagrammers who post frequently, allowing them to plan content, and also browse through older content, with ease.

New Instagram feature: Tagging Facebook friends

The last of the features that are in Beta phase is the “Facebook Tagging” feature. With this option, users would be able to tag their Facebook friends in their Instagram posts. Once a user gets tagged on an Instagram post, they’ll receive a notification on their Facebook profile.

instagram feature new

All images above via Matt Navara and Jane Wong

All of these features are in a testing phase now, but we might see them integrated into Instagram very soon; if they pass the testing process, of course. Nonetheless, it’s great to get a glimpse of what Instagram is working on and start planning the content you’ll create to get followers.

Instagram continues to evolve

Instagram is using the momentum that has been building for them for some time now, and it seems like they’re not going to let it slip away. The platform has been a favorite among social media users in the past couple of years, and Instagram is making efforts to keep things as they are.

Another Instagram update which aims to improve Instagram Stories was introduced last week. With this improvement, you will now be able to upload multiple photos and videos to your story all at once. You can see the update in the “Gallery” section of the Instagram Stories. When you are done, all of the photos and videos will upload in the order you selected them. The update is already live for Android users and will be coming to iOS in the coming weeks.

Date: May 1, 2018 / Categories: Apps, Follower Tactics, Interesting, Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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