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How to Embed Instagram Feeds on a Website or Blog

Embedding an Instagram feed on your website is an effective way to draw the attention of site visitors to your Instagram page. This tactic can also keep your website looking fresh to repeat visitors, and act as a signal to new visitors that your active account shows that you’re an active website. Here are tools you can use to easily embed Instagram feeds on your website.

Embed Instagram feeds using tools

Instagram’s own embedding tools are the ones you would want to use first for creating an Instagram section on your site. To add individual posts, just go to the desired post and click the More (…) button. Select the Embed option and copy the provided HTML code.

embed instagram feeds native tool

You can choose whether or not to copy the included caption. Insert the code into your site’s HTML code and the post will automatically appear. This embed option allows you to edit out captions if you only want to feature images.

For those on WordPress, simply copy the URL of the Individual post and paste it on a line of its own without hyperlinking. Using this will allow you to show your most important posts, while buying Instagram likes can help these important posts stand out even more. I embedded the very, very important post below in about 10 seconds using nothing but the URL:

Embedded posts are designed to be responsive and will automatically resize to fit the embedding container. This means that your posts will display correctly whether the site is viewed on the web or through mobile devices. It will also display live likes ,share, and comment counts, further enforcing the activity of your page.

Embed Instagram feeds: Pixlee

If you want a quick way to embed your entire Instagram feed on a site, Pixlee’s social embed tool is a good option. To use it, sign up for the tool and authenticate your Instagram account. You will then be given a code to embed on your site.

embed instagram feeds pixlee

Once embedded, Pixlee automatically updates the feeds display whenever you add new posts. Pixlee even provides an analytic tool to help keep track of your feed’s views.

Embed Instagram feeds: Smash Balloon

If you are using WordPress for your site, the plugin provided by Smash Balloon is a good option to quickly embed Instagram feeds. The tool has a variety of features, including:

  • The ability to embed multiple feeds.
  • Fully customizable feed designs
  • Load infinite amounts of photos
  • A “Follow on Instagram” button
  • Shortcode options

These features make it one of the most versatile embedding tools available.

The plugin is available as both free and paid versions. The former is ideal for quick embedding needs, while the pro version gives you more customization options.

Embed Instagram feeds: WD Instagram Feed

WD Instagram Feed is another embedding plugin for Instagram. Like the one offered by Smash Balloon, it provides a ton of customization options to enhance your embedded feeds. It even includes several SEO tools for making your embedded feeds more discoverable.

The plugin is free to use but site owners can switch to the pro version for additional functionalities. That version costs only $20 for a personal license, making it a cost-effective option.

Why embedding Instagram feeds is beneficial

Embedding your Instagram feed on your website can help a lot in boosting both channels. Some of the benefits that you gain are:

  • Greater audience action: 5% of people are more likely to take action after seeing an Instagram post. Displaying these posts directly on your site help increase visitor engagement.
  • Increase social influence: Adding an Instagram feed on your website is a great way to attract more viewers and potential Instagram followers.
  • Stronger brand image: Showing off your activity on Instagram to site visitors will tell them that you are active on different channels and that they can reach you whenever they need to.
  • Bounce rate: Having content for people to see on your site can slow their bounce rate, especially when you embed video content.

All these benefits illustrate just how effective the simple strategy of embedding an Instagram feed is in boosting your visitor engagements on your website, and can help you get more Instagram followers. Use the above tools to create an eye-catching Instagram section for your website or blog and attract more visitors.

Date: May 11, 2018 / Categories: Engagement, Guide, / Author: Rich Drees


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