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Get Likes on Instagram Using These 15 Proven Techniques

Getting more likes is important for making an Instagram account grow further. It can often be a challenging task to accomplish without some guidance. Here are fifteen different techniques that you can use to get likes on Instagram faster and more effectively.

Getting likes through great images with filters

Instagram filters are a greater way to enhance your photos. You can also use these filters to make your images more recognizable. The idea here is to use a consistent set of filters for your content. Choose one or two that best suit the type of images that you upload. Also, consider how the filter scheme fits into your account’s overall visual style. The Weeknd used a consistent filter for all content building to the release of his latest album:


A post shared by The Weeknd (@theweeknd) on

Once your audience becomes more familiar with your filter scheme, they anticipate your content more. This also encourages them to like your photos. Coming up with your own custom set of filters makes this even more effective.

Use more Instagram boomerang images

You might have seen those short videos that loop forward and backward showing up on Instagram. These so-called boomerang images are an effective way to quickly catch the attention of people. The images are made using Instagram’s Boomerang feature.

Make your boomerang images more entertaining by choosing a clip that features quick and dramatic movements. Alternately, you can use the boomerang effect to illustrate your product/process. This helps make the image more useful and encourage people to like it.

Have a good background for your image

When taking a photo for your Instagram page, consider what kind of background to use. Good backgrounds will make the subject in your image more prominent. The background can also be used to further establish your account’s visual identity.

Be creative in the backgrounds that you choose for your images. Even everyday items like simple tablecloths can be used to great effect as backgrounds.

Additionally, you can pre-design a unique background for use with your images.

Feature your Instagram followers’ images

People love it when their images get featured on the pages that they follow. They then eagerly share your feature with their peers, increasing the likes that you get. Watch brand The Fifth is fond of this, posting follower images under their #the5th hashtag.

When choosing follower images to feature, look for ones that already have a strong appeal among that follower’s own audience. Be creative in how you present these images. Don’t forget to tag the image’s owner to give them greater visibility.

Attracting more likes with great captions

A more descriptive caption will help enhance an already great Instagram image. Such captions stimulate your followers’ imagination by describing the subject’s aspects not shown in the image. National Geographic is well known for these captions, which they tie in with their copywriting style.

Photo by @amivitale. Amos Leleruk, an elephant keeper at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) in Northern Kenya distributes two liter bottles of special formula during feeding time. Eating is a messy, slurpy affair that happens every three hours around the clock for a total of 8 feedings per day. As the first ever community owned and run sanctuary in all of Africa, @r.e.s.c.u.e provides a home for elephant calves orphaned due to poaching, human wildlife conflict and drought related causes. This oasis where orphans grow up, learning to be wild so that one day they can rejoin their herds, is as much about the people as it is about elephants. From April 30th, you can visit the sanctuary virtually through #MyAfrica, a VR experience I helped direct with @lupitanyongo as the voice over for @conservationorg. I am honored to have learned from the brilliant @PassionPicturesFilms @camcampkin @gregwdennis @waldo_etherington @3d_vision3 and @deep_vr in the making of this film which debuted at @tribeca Film Festival last week. Learn more by following @amivitale @r.e.s.c.u.e and @conservationorg #protectelephants #bekindtoelephants #DontLetThemDisappear @kenyawildlifeservice @nrt_kenya @thephotosociety @natgeo #elephants #saveelephants #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale

A post shared by National Geographic (@natgeo) on

Let your followers “feel” the image more by pertaining to the five senses in your caption. Using various storytelling techniques also makes your captions more engaging. Your followers will definitely love this more immersive experience, helping your posts get more likes.

Write your key points first

Instagram displays only the first few lines of a caption in the preview window. Be sure to write most of the key points right at the beginning. This helps your followers quickly get the gist of your post.

Encourage your followers to read more of the caption by adding a hook near the end of the initial list of key points. Also, opt to add @mentions and hashtags near the end of the caption to save space in the first few lines.

Choose the right caption length

In most cases, shorter captions are favored for Instagram posts since followers can quickly read them. Writing a long caption also has its merit. In particular, you create a longer engagement, increasing the chance of followers liking or commenting on your posts.

Take advantage of this opportunity by ensuring that your long caption is well-written. This should also provide additional value to the main image. Use different storytelling techniques to keep your followers engaged when reading these longer captions.

Write your calls to action in question form

Having followers respond to your calls to action is essential to get likes on Instagram. One effective way to do this is to write your CTA’s as questions. This encourages your followers to respond since they will feel like they are actually conversing with you.

Write your CTA questions using the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why) to get your followers responding with more specific answers. Getting your followers to pick one item within your image is a popular tactic here.

This strategy works well to create openings for longer conversations with your followers, which will increase overall engagement, including getting more likes.

Use hashtags strategically

When adding trending hashtags for your posts, opt to use the most focused options. These will give you less competition and increase the likelihood that your posts will appear on the feed of the right target audiences. The example below fails at this as I was looking through #AvengersInfinityWar, but saw this post not about Infinity War. You don’t get my like!

Avoid using too many hashtags in your caption. 9 hashtags are the ideal amount, as these are enough to generate the most engagements and likes. Ensure that your chosen hashtags cover most of the popular keywords about your image subject, but do not spam as that's a huge #mistake.

Attracting likes through different promos and projects

“Like to win/enter” raffles and contests are straightforward ways to generate likes on your Instagram page. When doing these contests, add a share component to attract more participants.

To better entice your followers to join, partner with a popular brand for the prizes. This works well to boost the prominence of accounts with fewer followers. Brands themselves welcome these types of promotions and will help you increase your engagements further.

Encourage your audience to be involved

Letting your followers become part of your Instagram productions encourages more engagements and likes. For instance, you can let them vote on what your next Instagram video should be. Use the new polls feature to create such engagements points on your Instagram Stories.

Take this idea further by having your followers become directly involved in the production. Organize a meetup or similar physical engagements for this purpose, or ask them to submit photos using a dedicated hashtag. They will anticipate your posts more and share these with their peers after becoming part of the work.

Make your Instagram posts more interactive

Another way to make your Instagram images more interactive is by using then for games. For instance, ask your audience to look for items hidden within your pictures. Encourage them to hit like once they have found the hidden object. Photographer Andrew Knapp is fond of this game with his “Find Momo” series of images.

Find Momo in Lisboa, Portugal. 🇵🇹 #findmomomonday #findmomo

A post shared by Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp) on

Make these interactive games more engaging by adding a bit of a physical element to them. You can encourage your followers to visit the places shown in your photos and take their own photos. This new level of engagement will encourage people to like your pages and posts more and participate.

Getting help from others to get more likes

If you are not getting likes on Instagram at a comfortable pace, you can use an Instagram Likes service to boost your account. By purchasing likes packages from these services you can quickly increase the prominence of your page and posts. This will make your Instagram presence look much larger than it actually is and attract more likes. Trying to get attention on a trending hashtag, like #tbt, is a great time to do this:

When using these services, think about how many likes you are going to purchase. People tend to be wary of Instagram pages that suddenly gain many likes. Purchase a reasonable number, and use it on your best content.

Let an influencer take over your account

Having an influencer host your account for a short period of time is a step up from simply employing them for promotions. By letting them take over, you more effectively attract their followers to visit your own page and gain their likes.

When doing a takeover, you and the influencer should plan out what they will be doing during the event. Let them add their own original ideas. Make sure that both your followers and the influencer’s own audience are informed of the takeover in advance to get them hyped for the event.

Collaborate with other Instagram users

Teaming up with other users will help you both get likes on Instagram faster. You can easily reach out to a new audience through your partners. These partnerships will also help you build networks for reaching other promotional channels.

When looking for partners to collaborate with, consider ones that have complementary content to yours. This will provide both your follower bases with more value once the collaboration is underway. Look for different ways to make the team up more enticing for your combined audiences. Contests and giveaways are popular options here.

Get likes on Instagram quickly with these techniques

There are many ways to get likes on Instagram effectively. These techniques can be grouped into the following overall strategies:

  • Images: Enhance the visual presentation of your Instagram images by using different filters and backgrounds to draw the attention of viewers.
  • Captions: Immerse your Instagram viewers more into the subject of your images by writing an entertaining caption.
  • Campaigns: Get your Instagram followers more involved with your page by doing contests and other promotional campaigns.
  • Help: Teaming up with other users and Influencers can help you greatly expand the reach of your page and attract new audiences.

Use the various techniques mentioned in different combinations to get the best results and attract even more likes to your Instagram page.

Date: May 18, 2018 / Categories: Buy Instagram Likes, Engagement, / Author: Rich Drees


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