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Instagram Follow For Follow: Shadowbans and Scam Tools

If you are on Instagram, then you probably have tried to heed some apps that could help you with the platform, especially the Instagram Follow for Follow(or Instagram Follow4Follow). This is true especially for brands who have used the photo-sharing app as well in the wake of its popularity and success. It is deemed as an important avenue where marketers can make their brand known, where artists can share their creativity and passion, and where one can express their thoughts.

But unlike other social media sites, Instagram enables one to share their contents through visuals. This is probably one of the reasons why the app has many users. People tend to be attracted to the app possibly because it feeds them the content directly rather than letting them read. People who have no extra time need to be fed with information as quickly as possible and giving them an article to read would mean them saving it for later, with a high chance that the content had become passé by then.

So why is it important to jump into Instagram as well? As a brand, knowing that many users are hooked on this social media platform is already a giveaway for you to try the channel. Brands need to adapt and keep up with the trend, even if that means losing the old school tactics. After all, people prefer to shop at the comfort of their home than to drive or commute to a store and have to fall in line to pay for an item.


Instagram Marketing: Dangerous Tools, Apps, and Downloads

As established, Instagram has been enjoyed by marketers. Now if you are wondering why, then just try to absorb the fact that there are already millions of advertisers in the platform, and which is still growing. So, this clearly means that they are getting something out of the experience in Instagram marketing or else they would have fled the platform.

But of course, anything worth having would require a great amount of work. These successful marketers who have finally found the tips and tricks for an effective campaign are now reaping what they had sown. Now you might wonder, how did they do it?

There is no formula for this, meaning it would require you to do trial and error. It is something that you get to cultivate and enrich along the way through time.


Instagram Tools: Shadowbanned or Regular Ban?

Some marketers who seemed to have done everything just to gain followers, make their brand known, or have higher engagement rate tend to wonder what they had done wrong. It can be frustrating when your efforts seemed to be unfruitful, making marketers resort to some “aid” in the form of tools. This includes the many follow for follow, or follow4follow, tools and apps available to download or install. Yes, these are all scams, and they will either steal your data or your entire account.

Many tools are offered in the market to help brands reach their optimum potential. But the better question is that, do these tools really an instrument in aiding businesses or do they just lure users in order to get something from them? Well, if you think follow-for-follow is a safe technique, you really need to keep reading!

Some of these tools said they would give you a hand in managing all your social media accounts while some say they could help you achieve the feed you need and have always wanted. Others also claim that they could help marketers in scheduling posts, so as to avoid missing the target time of posts. Also, there are many tools that claim they could help add to the number of followers you have.


Instagram Follow For Follow ( Instagram Follow4Follow): Tools for Fools?

But could these said “tools” be really of help? Which one is the best of all for your campaign? None. While these may sound useful, these could do the job for you, rendering you useless. Not only that, but you will not be able to sustain this process in the long run. It would also take the creative juice out of you, as some would take the role of thinking of an image of your brand.

Some of the apps that masks as tools could steal your account. This is especially common to apps that claim that they could instantly boost your Instagram presence by providing you with thousands of followers in a short amount of time. Even more dubious is that some could even ask this for free. What they could do is to just ask you to log in to your account, and there you go, you get the followers you need. But of course, even if it will cost you nothing, the price is always higher than you thought. They could information about you or even steal your account, which they could sell back to you for a big amount.

Using tools for your feed, as mentioned, could stop you from expressing your creativity within your brand. Yes, Instagram needs to feed the eyes but you could do this yourself. Those which claim they could schedule your posts could also get you banned. How? Some of these tools do not comply with Instagram’s terms and conditions. Though this is the case, a user tends to give these apps the access to their accounts in order to do the actual posting.

This violates Instagram’s rules, which had been strengthened to ensure safety for the platform’s community. Third party apps simply could not manipulate your account. If Instagram gets a wind of this, your account will likely be suspended or banned.

Meanwhile, other marketers resort to using bots. Much like those that make the posts automatically in Instagram, bots comment, like and follow other users on behalf of you. In short, they engage for you. But the thing is, the interaction would not be genuine, which every brand should aim for.

Quality and engaging content should be the top priority for marketers, and resorting to Instagram bots is simply not the way to go. Bots sure do comment on posts but the remarks are oftentimes unrelated or too vague of the post. Aside from these, you need to make sure that you are targeting the right audience. Bots just follow whoever they want.

In short, using these tools will not guarantee you that you will get the perfect campaign. The real deal is for marketers to exert effort in analyzing and monitoring their audience so as to know how to approach them through their social media marketing campaign.

Date: April 11, 2018 / Categories: Apps, / Author: Rich Drees


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