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How To Sell Your Product On Instagram

There’s a thriving culture on Instagram that empowers brands and retailers to boost sales and gain new customers: Instagram eCommerce. Product selling is booming on the platform and advertisers are flocking from everywhere to get onto the platform, since it’s the only social media site where people don’t recoil from being sold to.

If you’re wondering how you can get in on the action and start selling your products too, this post is for you!


Make Your Posts Shoppable

As you probably know, Instagram only allows one clickable link per profile and only on Bio. This is a challenge for brands selling products on the platform. Redirecting their customers to their website is an impossible task without clickable links that will make it easy for customers to check out their products.

Last November of 2016, Instagram rolled out Instagram Shopping feature that makes it possible for users to click on a post and shop for products all within the platform. Retailers don’t have to worry anymore about customers leaving and losing interest because of the extra work they have to do just to buy the product.

The feature has now been widely released though some businesses still don’t have it.

Image credit: Social Media Examiner


The only problem with the feature is that it’s only available to users on iOS and only those based in the US. So, don’t worry if you don’t have it from the onset, as there are workarounds to making your posts shoppable. Look at how Lulus, and probably the majority of Instagram brands, do it.

Customers can easily check out their bio to learn more or buy the items.

Image credit: Lulus via Instagram


There are also third-party apps that can make your viewers’ shopping experience seamless.

Shopify smoothly integrates with Instagram and is the choice for most merchants on the platform. Shopify makes it possible for brands to post product pictures with price tags. It makes shopping easy for your customers, from product discovery to checkout, everything happens right on the platform.

If you want to widen your post reach on the platform, you can run a follower campaign and include buying Instagram followers in your strategies. People tend to follow those with a big following and that is how you’re going to attract real and organic followers.


Display Your Website In Your Bio

Display your website in your Bio. If you have plenty of links you want to share, use tools that allow you to show users more clickable links to all your social media sites or websites, and other promotional pages that will drive sales to your brand.

Here is an example of how it will look like with Linktree.

Image credit: Lipstick & pixels


Cross Promote

Don’t forget to cross-promote your sales posting on Instagram on your other socials. The more places people can learn about your brand or your sales, the better. Don’t just use the integration feature, though. Re-use the same content but post them separately. You don’t want your Instagram photos reduced to a link in your tweet, do you?

Image credit: TECHIELOBANG


Different platforms also use different lingo. For instance, Twitter uses retweet while it’s simply known as a repost on Instagram. Make sure to tailor not just your language but the whole tone of your post depending on the network you’re posting it on.



If your budget allows it, pay for advertisements. Advertising helps spread the word about your services or products to loyal customers and potential buyers. Advertise and promote your posts so more people will see them.

Promoting your posts is as easy as picking the post you want to promote and targeting your viewers. This is what Inflowstyle did. They promoted a post with their “Shop Now” button and experienced a five-fold increase in sales.

Image credit: Jeff Bulas

Boosting your posts on Instagram is also an effective way to reach new audiences and increase your following on the platform.


Utilize User-Generated Pictures

Recommendations from friends and family influence purchase decisions. Pictures of your brand posted by other people hold this kind of power on social media. People are simply more open to brand mentions from friends’ posts than a brand’s promotional post.

So utilize pictures of your brand by other people. They are your word-of-mouth advertising and your social proof. Both will build your brand and bring in more sales to you.

If you see someone posting your brand on the platform, go ahead and ask permission to use it! Or you can run a campaign and encourage users to use your hashtag, carefully tying in your brand message to the campaign.

Aerie, a women's clothing brand, pledged to stop retouching photos of their models in swimsuits and encouraged women to tag them in their unedited pictures using their campaign hashtag #AerieReal. In exchange, Aerie will donate to NEDA or National Eating Disorders Association.

Image credit: Aerie via Instagram

You can also make social proof work in your favor by buying Instagram followers that will make you look influential in your niche. Do your research and make sure you only buy high-quality Instagram followers that look and behave like real followers.


Start Selling On Instagram!

With Instagram, you can promote your products and sell at the same time! Take advantage of Instagram’s current position in the industry today.

Instagram is currently the second most popular social media channel and the top platform for audience engagement, and engagement is what you need for more leads, sales, and revenues for your brand.

You won't find another network with users more open to sellers than Instagram. So start selling and start today!


Date: January 8, 2018 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Buy Instagram Likes, / Author: Chell


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