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Getting on Instagram’s Explore Page

There are many factors that can contribute to an Instagram post going viral, but only a few sure-fire ways can make it popular. One of these is the Instagram Explore page.

Instagram’s Explore page is the fastest way to increase engagement on your channel and draw followers to you. Unfortunately, getting on the page is not easy though it is possible.

So, if you’re wondering how other users get on the page and how you can see your own posts on Instagram’s Explore page, too, here are some things you need to consider.


The Instagram's Explore Page and How It Works

Image credit: pixabay


The Explore page does not work like the “popular” page from a long time ago. While the popular tab features trending posts on the platform, the Explore page highlights posts you are or might be interested in.

So, the posts featured on the Explore page vary for everyone on the platform. What you see on yours is different from what others see on theirs.

Instagram pins posts to your Explore page according to posts you’ve liked in the past and posts liked by people whose photos and videos you’ve liked.

This ripple effect is what makes being featured on the page a most sought after experience by anyone who cares about their Instagram growth.

This is why a lot of people choose to buy Instagram followers. The purchased following in itself, will not bring you to the page, but it will help you establish your reputation, which in turn will attract real and organic followers.

The more followers you have, the better your chances of getting featured on the page, particularly if you have very engaged followers. Every time any of your followers likes your posts, those posts appear on the Explore page of their followers who engage with their posts too.

Look at how Simmington, Fancy & Fitz, which only has 851 followers, amassed a total of 1,984 likes from their followers and their network of friends for the post below.


Image credit: simmingtonandco via Instagram


One like on your posts can have a huge impact on your chances of appearing on the Explore page, as well as on the growth of your entire channel.


How to Get On the Explore Page

An essential requirement to getting featured on the Explore page, as you can see, is engagement. All you need is one “like” that can ripple into multiple likes from many others on the platform.

If you can manage to engage your followers and get them to like your posts, you’ll have a chance at appearing on the Explore page. Here are some tips to get your followers to hit that heart button.


Create quality content

We’re sure you’ve heard this before but quality content really matters. On Instagram, that can mean beautiful photographs that can capture the interest of your viewers.

Stock images won’t do that and neither will blurry pictures. Learn what makes images likeable and get creative with them! Take your inspiration from the creative team behind this post from RW&CO.

Image credit:  RW&CO. via Instagram

Also, use filters that get the most likes from whatever part of the world you’re located. A study shows that in the US, for example, pictures using the Clarendon filter have the most number of likes from users.

Image credit: xristos_partas via Instagram


Post consistently and at optimal times

You don’t want to be posting at a time when very few of your followers, or worse, none of them are online. You want to post at a time when they’re most active and you want to do it consistently.

Check your analytics for what time your posts get the most engagement. Find out the best days and time to post on Instagram according to data from general trends on the platform.


Tag big accounts

Are you posting something that relates to accounts with a big following? Tag them! If these accounts interact with your posts, think of the many engaged followers who will also see your posts!

If you have a large following yourself, you’ll have a greater likelihood of being featured on the Explore page. So, work on your engagement but don’t forget growing your followers, as well.

Kickstart the process by buying Instagram followers. Popular people attract followers. So, when you appear popular on the platform, people will naturally gravitate to you. This is how your bought followers can help you gain real and organic Instagram followers.


Run campaigns and contests

Campaigns and contests can boost your engagement. These are some of the easiest ways you can generate likes for your posts on the platform. Learn how you can use Instagram contests to promote your channel.

Take a look at how Forever 21 used a contest to generate likes for their post and exposure for their brand.

Image credit: FOREVER 21 via Instagram


Use hashtags

Don’t forget to use the power of hashtags on your posts! Experts agree that because hashtags make posts discoverable, they help your posts reach new audiences and attract higher engagement. In fact, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag get 12.6% more engagement than those without.

The more hashtags you use, the higher your engagement rate will be. Some data proves posts attract more engagement when they have no more than 10 hashtags while others show the optimal number that you should use is 11, and there’s also a recent study that recommends using only 2 hashtags. Study your stats to find out which one is true for you.


Let Explore Do Your Work For You!

The beauty of Instagram’s Explore algorithm is that you don’t only get exposure for being on the page, you’ll also get a chance to build a community of people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Work on getting on Instagram’s Explore page so you can reach a new audience and attain explosive growth on the channel!

Date: December 19, 2017 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Interesting, Marketing, / Author: Chell


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