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How Micro-Influencers on Instagram Can Propel Your Business Success

When it comes to marketing, bigger is not always better. Marketing on a bigger scale and budget does not necessarily equal a competitive advantage. This is also true for influencer marketing.

So, while today is indeed the golden age for influencer marketing and using it has almost become a need rather than an option, the trend nowadays is to go small. That is, to engage in micro-influencer marketing — and there are many good reasons to do so. Let's check those reasons out!

What is A Micro-Influencer?

First, what constitutes micro-influencer marketing? When is an influencer consider micro or macro?

Micro-influencers are influencers with more than 1,000 to 3,000 followers, but marketers struggle to agree on an exact number. On Instagram, some say micro-influencers are those with fewer than 30,000 followers, while some say they are those with more than 10,000 though not over 100,000.

What is sure, though, is that micro-influencers aren’t your traditional, widely popular celebrities. Micro-influencers typically have a following that is collectively passionate about one subject or a particular niche. Also, because these micro-influencers have a smaller following, they are more personal with their followers and more relatable. They are seen as more trustworthy and genuine, as a result.

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In contrast, macro-influencers are those traditional influencers and celebrities with a massive following. Because they do have a large following and it’s reasonable to expect they don’t know 99% of their followers in real life, the interaction tends to be less personal.

Why You Should Try Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is very effective in driving actual sales for brands. A study shows that 48% of people exposed to influencer content visit the brand's site within four days of the exposure.

On Instagram, micro-influencer marketing is the new craze. Not only are users eager to interact with someone who has a large-but-reasonable following and seems relatable, tapping the help of a micro-influencer is also less expensive, particularly for small businesses.

Here are more reasons why micro-influencer marketing is booming on the platform and why you should consider using it too.

Micro-Influencers are seen as more authentic

Micro-influencers on Instagram are seen as more authentic by users. You don’t often see these micro influencers endorsing multiple products clearly for profit. When they do promote multiple products, it’s easy to believe they’re really using them, unlike celebrities who endorse one brand of tablet and then use another.

“Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts. #FavoriteThings”
Image credit: EXTOLE

In other words, micro-influencers appear more trustworthy than bigger personalities. Their posts appear more personal and less commercialized.

Also, because they likely started out small and with their real-life friends for followers, they tend to form real personal relationships with their followers. The very fact that they aren’t celebrities makes them more relatable to others, too.

So, using micro-influencers will help you grow your brand and your Instagram audience quickly. To attract as many followers as you can, consider buying Instagram Followers, as well. Bought followers have the power to attract real followers for a number of reasons.

If you’re presented with two unknown brands, would you check out the one with just a few hundred followers or the one with thousands of followers? This the basic principle of social proof and it works great in marketing.

They have a targeted audience

Most micro-influencers are experts in their own niche. They post about specific and niche topics, and they have followers who share their interests.

So, if it's targeted marketing you want, getting a micro-influencer who's seen as an authority in the field by his followers is your best shot at quickly gaining a larger, very engaged audience that is really interested in what you're offering.

They drive higher engagement rates

With micro-influencers engagement rates are 60% higher, according to Hello Society.

In a study by Markerly, it was found that the more followers a user has on Instagram, the lower their engagement rates in terms of likes and comments. Micro-influencers receive likes 8% of the time and comments 0.5% of the time, both of which are significantly higher compared to the rates of macro-influencers, at 1.6% likes and 0.04% comments.

For maximum impact, why not run an Instagram takeover campaign with micro-influencers? This is what boutique hotel chain, Kimpton, did. They tapped into micro-influencers to post content on their Instagram account and it helped increase engagement on their page.

They generate more social buzz

Micro-influencers can generate more buzz around your brand. According to Experticity, micro-influencers engage in purchase-related conversations with their followers 22.2 times more than the average consumer. 82% of consumers surveyed said that they were highly likely to follow the recommendations of a micro-influencer.

Their conversations also often revolve around a brand’s products and their opinions on them. Because they usually have a niche audience, discussions on products can be extensive, more in-depth than the 3-minute reviews you’ll often find on YouTube. The study also reveals 74% of micro-influencers encourage product purchases in these conversations.

Micro-influencer Sarah Tripp hosted a Q&A in response to an invitation by personal shopping website, Stitch Fix. She talked about how she dresses for her body type and mentioned Stitch Fix who linked the post on their Instagram page.

The cross-promotion created buzz around the brand and worked perfectly for them especially as they have a Plus Size category on their site.

With micro-influencers, your likelihood of gaining more conversions should be better than without them. Not only that, you’ll also enjoy more brand exposure and gain more followers.

You can also boost this result and grow your presence on Instagram by buying Instagram followers. A large following can help you build a strong reputation. With bought followers, you’ll appear popular on the platform. This appearance will help you gain real followers.

Make sure, though, that you only buy from reputable sellers that offer high-quality followers — check our list of reviewed providers for help with that. That way you can be sure the followers you’re buying look as authentic as your next real follower, with real posts, pictures, and everything.

They are more affordable

Micro-influencers are more affordable than celebrities and personalities with millions of followers. In fact, even if you work with multiple micro-influencers, the cost would still generally be less than one macro-influencer.

Forbes reports that micro-influencers with 2,000 to 100,000 followers charge between $137 to $258 per Instagram post. In contrast, celebrities charge up to $75,000 for a single Instagram post.

Some micro-influencers are also open to partial exchange deals. La Croix Sparkling Water offers product vouchers and gifts to its micro influencers. The micro-influencers, in turn, post their pictures with La Croix products.

Something WONDERFUL is coming ✨ maybe save your packaging 😉 #LaCroixWonders (📸: @whatemmieeats)

A post shared by LaCroix Sparkling Water (@lacroixwater) on

Check out more pictures of their product awareness campaign on their Instagram page.

How to Choose Your Instagram Micro-Influencer

Because micro-influencers have limited reach, you should be careful when choosing the ones you work with. Make sure you’re getting an influencer with a very relevant audience.

Look for one from your own followers first, by checking the other people they follow. Chances are, you’ll find someone who is really passionate about a niche related to your products or services and who will, therefore, have no problem communicating that same passion to his followers.

Go through your own followers or use the specific hashtags that you use for your company. You can also use good old Google and look for popular bloggers writing about your niche. If you still can't find one, you can always ask for a heads up from your followers or turn to third-party platforms where influencers and brands gather.

Can't Afford A Kim Kardashian? Me Neither!

Don't worry! You can still have an effective Instagram campaign and lead your company to success by using micro-influencers.

They have limited reach but they also have targeted audiences. They’ve earned the loyalty and trust of their followers and they can generate high engagement rates. All of these will make your campaigns not only successful but also more cost-effective.

So, go ahead and find a micro-influencer to accelerate your Instagram growth today! Here’s to your success!

Date: November 17, 2017 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Chell


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