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The 6 Best Tools for Instagram Marketers

Using social media marketing tools can help you save time while you‘re growing your channel. So, if you’re looking for marketing tool recommendations to help you manage your Instagram account more effectively, this post is for you.

This list will show you some of the wonders you can perform on the platform and the best tools you can use to take advantage of it. You should know, though, that whatever strategy you choose, it should have beautiful images to go hand in hand with it.

Create Insta-worthy images using the top photo editors and pair them with some of these awesome social media marketing tools below.

Hashtag Research

Research shows that proper hashtag use can have an immense impact on how effective your marketing campaigns will be. On Instagram, the more hashtags you use (correctly), the more popular your posts will be. In fact, Instagram posts with over 11 hashtags receive more engagement on the platform.

Hashtags also let more people discover you, which helps you expand your reach. So, make sure you’re using the right hashtags and that none of them are banned from the platform.


Hashtagify is a free tool that is simple to use. Just enter the hashtags you have in mind and the site will show you how popular they are, the influencers using them, and also related hashtags, which is a great feature for research.


Tagboard also specializes in hashtags. On Tagboard, when you enter a keyword, you'll see all the accounts using that word as a hashtag and what they are saying about it. You can like or comment on their posts, too.

It’s great for engaging with others who have similar interests, or finding people who are already interested in your products and services.

Image credit: Tagboard

Also, if you want to boost the results of your engagement campaigns, try buying Instagram Followers. A massive number of Followers serves as great social proof for your account, and will encourage others to check out your content.

In short, a high follower count has the power to attract real followers, and that’s how buying followers can help you in your campaigns. Remember, more followers can lead to more engagement.

Post-Scheduling Tools

Schedule your posts to save time and ensure you maintain a consistent presence. These tools will help you manage your posts and publish them at the right time for the most impact.


Hootsuite has an AutoSchedule feature that optimizes your posting schedule on Instagram. It determines the best time to post a particular piece of content based on past performance and then posts your update for you.

It also provides you with comprehensive data on how people interact with your content, which is great for targeting areas for improvement.


Later lets you preview how your scheduled posts will look so you can make sure you don’t just have an amazing image for each of your posts, but also an awesome feed from all your photos. You can also easily change the order of your posts with its drag and drop functionality.

Analytics Tools

What good is all your post-strategizing if you’re not going to measure the performance, right? The data will be the ultimate judge of what marketing strategies you should drop or keep.

Here are two great analytics tools for your Instagram channel.


Insights from Iconosquare will help you decide what kind of content to post. It tells you your followers' favorites among your posts, so you can easily make more content based on your most popular posts.

Additionally, Iconosquare also lets you know when your followers are most likely to interact with your posts, so you know when to post and also when to interact back with them. Because this tool also tells you your top followers, you can easily engage with them at their most active times.

It also shows you what posts caused people to follow you, and what posts caused people to unfollow you. Knowing what resonates with your viewers will help you gain more followers and build your reputation on the platform.

To build and retain a solid following, you can also buy Instagram followers on top of running follower campaigns. A strong following can help build your authority and credibility on the platform, besides attracting more followers. People love to be part of the popular crowd, and they’ll see a chance to do that when they see your account.


Locowise is an analytics tool that you can use not just for Instagram but for your other social media accounts, as well.

This reporting tool helps you track the performance of your profile along with those of your competitors, so you’ll be able to measure your performance and progress in relation to them.

It can also provide detailed demographic information for your viewers, convert data into visual graphs, and suggest strategies for better performance. These are just some of the metrics available. Discover other reasons to love Locowise and start monitoring your posts on Instagram.

Add Some Instagram Marketing Magic!

If you constantly wonder what hashtags to use for your posts, how to manage your posting schedule, or how you can easily interpret your data, it’s time you employ some better marketing tools to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the thousand things you have to do to grow your presence and stay relevant on Instagram. Pick a marketing service that can help you save time, energy, and money. Check out these tools (many of them have free trials) and find two or three that will serve your needs perfectly.

Date: November 24, 2017 / Categories: Hashtags, Marketing, / Author: Chell


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