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Getting Started with Instagram for Business

Touted as the must-have app for businesses, Instagram offers dynamic opportunities for brands and companies, big and small.

Currently, the platform offers analytics features for business accounts, where you can see statistical data such as impressions, reach, website clicks, and follower activities. These figures help in developing marketing strategies that bring in more money to businesses.

That’s not the only reason why you should join Instagram, though. There are plenty more reasons why you should get Instagram-aggressive in your overall marketing these days.

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Why Use Instagram for Business?

Engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook, 54 times higher than on Pinterest, and 84 times higher than on Twitter.

While engagement doesn’t directly correlate to sales, a study concluded that the amount of interaction on a brand’s post is connected to the number of visits to the brand’s site, as you’d expect. In other words, the higher the engagement on your posts, the higher the chance people will visit your site.

If you want to master Influencer Marketing, the best place to do it is on Instagram, where takeovers are a way of life, not just for businesses but for influencers themselves. 24% of major influencers believe Instagram is the best platform for it.

When you’re ready to get on Instagram, follow the steps below on how you can switch to a business account – if you already own a personal one – and how you can open a new one if necessary.

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Switch from a Personal to Business Profile

You should know that you’ll need to be an admin on a Facebook business page to set up a business profile on Instagram. You can’t have an Instagram business page unless you also have one for Facebook. Facebook decided early on that, as they own Instagram, they are going to be a package deal.

Easily switch from a personal Instagram account to a business one by following the steps below:

That’s it! Just press Continue to return to your account.

Set up an Instagram Business Profile

It’s easy and quick to set up a business account on Instagram. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, just open it and sign up with your email or phone. Be sure to use your work email and not your personal one.

Enter a username for your account. Use a distinct username or your brand name. Complete the registration and then sign into the app.

Once you’re signed in, go to your profile, tap the cogwheel icon, and then find Switch to Business Profile. Refer to the steps for Switching to a business profile outlined above.

Just tap Continue until you get to the Connect to Facebook page.

Fill out your profile and other pertinent business information like store hours, contact number or business address.

To set up notifications on your page, follow the steps here:

If you want to receive notifications for posts of specific accounts that you follow, select Turn On Post Notifications instead.

You can automatically share content on your other social media accounts whenever you post on Instagram. To be able to share your posts, just tap the person icon for Profile again, followed by the cogwheel icon for Settings, and then select Linked Accounts.

From the available list, just choose the social media channel you want to share your Instagram posts with. Then complete the linking process.

When you share an Instagram post to your other social media sites, just remember that social media platforms have different image size formats, so what looks great on Instagram may not look as good on another platform.

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Fully automating your posts also has other disadvantages. Learn how you can cross-promote instead and be better at sharing your Instagram posts. Similarly, having multiple social media channels isn’t necessarily better. Even if you only focus on one platform, if your market is on that platform, then you aren’t missing a lot.

That said, if your target market is on Instagram, then work on strengthening your presence on the platform. As soon as your account is ready, buy Instagram Followers to kickstart your growth. Having a large following will establish your authority on the platform immediately.

Some people Follow other people in the hope that those people will Follow them back. This can work, but if you do this don’t ask to be Followed back automatically. To find people to Follow, go to your Profile and then Settings. In Settings, choose Follow People and then tap Facebook Friends or Contacts to find your friends on Facebook or your contacts on your phone.

You can also find people to Follow by directly inputting names or usernames. Just go to your Profile and then select Find Friends.

Now, you’re ready to post your first Instagram photo and video.

You can upload up to 10 photos or videos in one post. You can edit them individually or all at once with a single filter. You can choose their order and tag friends in each, but only one caption and location will apply to all.

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Here’s how to create a carousel of photos or videos on Instagram.

Start building your Instagram reputation more quickly by leveraging social proof. The number of Followers you have acts as social proof for your business. So, buy Instagram Followers to attract organic Followers to your account.

When people see that you have a huge following they will want to check you out, because that “huge” following cannot be wrong. That’s basically the principle of social proof and how it affects the behavior of others.

When you buy Followers, make sure you buy only from reputable companies that offer high-quality Instagram Followers. Read reviews so you don’t risk your online reputation and your money.

Instagram it!

In closing, you’ll be thrilled to know that on Instagram, more than half of the total users Follow their favorite brands. This brand-loving culture of Instagram is what makes it popular among businesses.

As a business account, you’ll also be enjoying access to Instagram Insights to help make your marketing more effective. Start reaping the benefits that an Instagram business profile provides, and switch to one or sign up for an account today.

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Date: June 21, 2017 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Marketing, / Author: Chell


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