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6 Best Tactics to Get Likes on Instagram

Many businesses have been struggling to build a decent following on Instagram. However, building a following is only half the battle. You also need to make sure these followers like you.

Here the 6 top ways how to get likes on Instagram.

1. Invite them to take action

The simplest way of getting something you want is by asking for it. Don't beg for likes from your followers, but you can ask for them. In your photo captions, write messages that will encourage your followers to take action. For example, you can ask your followers to show support for a cause by liking. You can also give your followers incentives for liking your photos. For instance, you can have a contest where people have to like your post to be eligible for participation.

2. Hashtags at your service

Instagram has this little not-so-secret feature called the hashtag. Hashtags are basically keywords that are preceded by the hash sign “#.” They bring together Instagram users who are interested in a certain topic. They allow you to widen your reach beyond your circle of followers. Put hashtags to work for you by finding the most popular hashtags and including them in your posts. You can also come up with your own hashtag and encourage your followers to use it.

Some popular hashtags that have are known for increasing the number of likes include #followme #like4like #TagsForLikes #TFLers #liker #likes #l4l #likes4likes #photooftheday #love #likeforlike #likesforlikes #liketeam #likeback #likebackteam #instagood #likeall #likealways #TagsForLikesApp and #liking.

3. Establish your original style

Make your Instagram stand out from the pack by establishing your own original style. Picture yourself as an artist dropping the mic after an electrifying performance every time you post. In other words, you should make yourself so cool that your followers have no other choice but to like your posts and follow your account. This will help you to create a crowd of loyal fans around your account. Human beings are creatures of habit, and once they are used to seeing your great posts, they will automatically start to like any content that is associated with your name.

4. Keep up the pace

Consistency is key. Keep throwing up posts as fast as you can come up with them. Having a dormant account is a surefire way of losing your followers. On the other hand, frequent posts on Instagram have been associated with increased engagements. Create some sort of posting calendar and make sure you stick to it. The ideal posting frequency is about 2-3 posts per day, but it can be less if you don't have bandwidth. Feel free to experiment and find the frequency that works best for you.

5. Be part of the community

Instagram is a social network. It allows you to build a network and be part of a community. Just like in real life, be friendly on Instagram and you will make friends. Spend some time just hanging out on the platform, enjoying your feed and engaging with other users. Follow them. Like and comment on their posts. Share their posts with your followers. When people leave comments on your posts, be sure to reply to them. Give shoutouts to people with less followers. This will help you cultivate loyalty from your followers and increase their engagement with your content.

6. Buy likes

Finally, you can also buy likes. Buying plays on human psychology. Normally, people's behavior in a given situation is influenced by the behavior of other people in the same situation. This is known as social proofing. When you buy likes for your post, other viewers who view the post will see that it is popular among other Instagrammers. As a result, they are more likely to also like the post.

Before you buy likes, you need to know that not every seller is genuine. Some are out to con you, while others will sell you low-quality likes from fake accounts. These fake likes can easily be detected and could lead to your account getting terminated. Instead, you should buy likes from high-quality providers. But how do you tell them apart? Evaluate every seller before you buy. Read reviews from previous clients. Go to their website and check whether they promise to provide you likes from real accounts. Top-quality sellers also have a refund policy, they do not divulge client information to third parties and they have excellent customer support.

Do you want to find a reliable seller of Instagram likes? Check out our reviews of the top 5 companies where to buy Instagram likes.

Date: August 25, 2016 / Categories: Buy Instagram Likes, Tips, / Author: Omar Samtra


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