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FastFollowerz vs. CoinCrack: Who Sells Better Instagram Followers?

One of the easiest, most effective ways to kickstart growth on your Instagram account is to buy followers. While there are several websites claiming to sell Instagram followers, it’s difficult to tell which ones are legitimate and which ones are not. To make it easy for you, we’ve tried and compared dozens of Instagram follower providers and written reviews from our findings. Here we have a comparison between two popular services, FastFollowerz and CoinCrack, to help you decide if either one fits your needs.


FastFollowerz is a US-based company that specializes in various social media marketing services. The company has recently expanded their services to include Instagram. FastFollowerz is renowned for its top-quality followers, which come bundled with various add-ons, as well as its moderate prices.


CoinCrack is another US-based company that also ranks highly among Instagram follower providers. CoinCrack provides high-quality Instagram followers at a competitive price. In addition, CoinCrack offers full customer protection, with 100% money-back and follower replacement guarantees as well as complete customer privacy.

Plans and Pricing


  • Prices range from $4.99 for 100 followers to $4,999 for 1,000,000 followers
  • A wide range of options and moderate pricing


  • Prices range from $9 for 500 followers to $89 for 9,000 followers
  • Smaller range of options, but more competitively priced

FastFollowerz offers its clients various packages, ranging from 100 followers up to 1,000,000 followers. Their prices start at $4.99 for 100 followers. For $14, you get 500 followers, for $19 you get 1000 followers, $44 for 2500 followers, $499 for 50,000 followers, going up to $2,699 for 500,000 followers. For those looking for instant Instagram fame, you can get 1,000,000 followers for $4,999.

CoinCrack's packages start at 500 followers, going up to 9,000 followers. Their packages are very competitively priced, starting at $9 for 500 followers, though they also offer 100 followers for only $3.95 for those looking to try out their services before buying more. For $17, you get 1000 followers, 2,500 followers for $35, 5,000 followers for $49 and 9,000 followers for $89. Their drawback is that they cannot provide over 9,000 followers.

Quality of Instagram followers


  • Provides top-quality followers
  • Offers both “real and active followers” and “real-looking followers”


  • Provides high-quality followers
  • Not “real” followers but they look real

FastFollowerz are renowned for their high-quality followers. Their followers come complete with proper names and profile photos. FastFollowerz offers two basic types of followers: “real and active followers” and “real-looking followers.” Real-looking followers have proper names and real profile photos, but they do not have real people behind them. Real and active followers, on the other hand, are real, verified and active users who have been incentivized to follow your profile.

CoinCrack also provides a high-quality followers. Though their followers are not real accounts operated by real people, they mimic real followers, with realistic names, profile photos and natural bios. Some will even occasionally post photos on their profile.

Delivery time


  • Orders under 5,000 are delivered within 24 hours or less
  • For an additional charge, offers “supersonic” delivery option where followers are delivered within 12 hours


  • Delivers an average of 2,500 followers every 24 hours

FastFollowerz processes your order within minutes of order placement. From there, nearly all orders below 5,000 followers are delivered within 24 hours or less. FastFollowerz also gives you the “supersonic” delivery option, where, for an extra charge, you can have the followers delivered in a guaranteed 12 hours or less.

Upon ordering, CoinCrack immediately queues your order and your first followers will start arriving within thirty minutes or less. Generally, CoinCrack's delivery time depends on the size of your order. They are able to deliver an average of about 2,500 followers every 24 hours.

Instagram follower retention rate


  • Excellent retention rate: zero drop rate on the real-looking followers package
  • One-year replacement guarantee with an option for a 5-year guarantee


  • Great retention rate
  • Drops are covered by their replacement guarantee

Followers from FastFollowerz have an excellent retention rate. When you order the standard real-looking followers package, none of these followers will drop once they follow you. With the real and active followers option, there have been complaints that some of them drop after a while. However, FastFollowerz offers you a one-year replacement guarantee, so this is not much of a worry. Additionally, the replacement guarantee can be extended to 5 years for an extra charge.

Followers from CoinCrack also have a great retention rate. Their followers are very unlikely to drop as well. There's also not much to worry about with CoinCrack. In case the followers drop, you are covered by their follower replacement guarantee, which they offer for an undefined amount of time.

Customer support


  • Offers email and phone support
  • Support is both responsive and helpful


  • Strong customer support
  • Proactive updates provide you with information on the process of your order

FastFollowerz offers its clients two types of customer support: email and phone customer support. Their customer support is both responsive and helpful. We were happy to report that the team responded to our requests pretty much immediately.

CoinCrack also has a professional and responsive customer support team. They have short response times and always keep you in the loop with constant updates about the status of your order.

Final verdict

Both CoinCrack and FastFollowerz are top-quality providers of Instagram followers. If price is your main concern, CoinCrack is cheaper. However, with CoinCrack, you are limited to buying just 9,000 followers. If you are more interested in the quality of followers, then FastFollowerz is the better option.

Both companies have fast delivery times, though you can still speed it up with FastFollowerz's supersonic delivery option. They both have replacement guarantees, but with FastFollowerz you have the option of extending up to 5 years. Our final verdict is that FastFollowerz is the better provider of Instagram followers.

Interested in viewing more options for buying Instagram followers? Check out our reviews of the top Instagram followers providers.





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