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10 Best Instagram Hashtags for Getting Likes

Hashtags are a great way for increasing your exposure on Instagram and racking up a respectable amount of likes. They provide a means of indexing posts about a particular keyword, and therefore, they give Instagram users an organic way of discovering branded content about topics and forums they find interesting. With hashtags, your posts can be viewed by anyone searching for that particular hashtag, regardless of whether they follow you or not. To help you realize your dreams of Instagram glory, let’s go through the top 10 most popular Instagram hashtags that you can use to get more likes.


Love is arguably the most powerful human emotion. This explains why #love is the most popular hashtag on Instagram, with almost a billion posts indexed to it. You can use this hashtag with posts about food, friends, or anything that you and your brand followers would love. This is the best hashtag for gaining maximum exposure for your posts.

Peonies on this winters day ? #love #flowersofinstagram #inspiration #beauty #theartofglamour #domesticgoddess

A photo posted by Rachel St James (@rachelstjames) on


This hashtag is a combination of the words Instagram and good. Does your post look good? Attach the #Instagood hashtag to it and more people will see and like it. There are over half a billion Instagram posts appearing with this hashtag.


This is another popular Instagram hashtag that highlights a user’s best photo each day. It provides a summary of people's experiences. Over 370 million posts have appeared on this hashtag.


An abbreviation for Throwback Thursday, this hashtag is very popular among Instagram marketers. This is a great hashtag to use when you come across a classic image from the past that your users would love to remember. With about 358 million posts, it’s clear a lot of people don’t really want the past to remain forgotten.


This is the hashtag to use when you’re posting something adorable like baby photos, pets and other animal photos. Clearly, Instagram users love cuteness, because this hashtag has garnered over 353 million posts.

A photo posted by Grace (@grace_audrey) on


Everyone loves themselves, and if you want to show yourself to the Instagram world, this is the perfect hashtag. Selfies, a new hairstyle, jewelry, portraits, or anything that shows you off is game here. This hashtag has about 343 million posts tagged to it.


Beauty inspires to aim higher and achieve more. Many people on Instagram choose to post photos of loved one, expansive landscapes, art work, animals, and homes. Also with about 343 million posts, if your post is truly beautiful, this hashtag is sure to add a few likes.


This hashtag is easy to use because it doesn’t contain images about a particular theme. Instead, it can be attached to any image to help you pick up likes. With this tag you’re saying that if someone likes your photo, you will go ahead and like theirs back.


Happy isn’t just the name of a song by Pharrell Williams. It’s also a great hashtag for kicking up your game on Instagram. At this point, #happy has been added to 337 million posts. It’s a good hashtag to associate with your customers and brand.


There's a not so secret marriage between fashion and photography. The two always go together. People like showing off when they are nicely dressed. With this tag appearing in almost 300 million Instagram posts, it’s perfect for boosting your exposure, especially if your profile is related to style.

A photo posted by Forever 21 Men (@forever21men) on

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