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What’s the Difference Between High-Quality Followers and Bots?

There are those who have mastered the art of buying high-quality followers on Instagram. Others, merely watch from a distance, are unable to decide whether they should try it or not. Most people think that when you buy followers on Instagram, all you are going to get are a bunch of low-quality bot accounts. However, this is not always the truth. Just like vendors in any industry you can think of, different follower vendors sell different levels of quality. Let’s walk through some of the specific differences to look for to know whether a vendor is selling high- or low-quality followers.

Low-quality followers and bots

The profile is the first place to check when assessing the quality of purchased follower accounts. When it comes to the account name, some of the fake accounts will have characters that are randomly generated rather than real, meaningful names. The bios of these fake accounts will most likely be links instead of descriptions. Most of them do not even have profile pictures, and those that do, are just random images pulled from the internet, without any relevance to the account.

Another thing you need to know about low-quality followers is their retention rate. You will find that bot accounts tend to drop off quickly. When you buy followers from a low-quality provider, a few days down the line, you might find that they’ve all disappeared. Instagram’s Terms of Service prohibit the operation of fake accounts. As such, their algorithms are on the hunt to find fake accounts and kick them off the platform. If they identify the low-quality accounts you’ve purchased to follow your account, they’re going to take them down. When these fake followers end up being deleted, you will be left with nothing but a hole in your pocket where your money used to be.  

Not only are low-quality followers a waste of money, but they’re also a risk to your reputation. Buying followers is, in essence, a sneaky way of bending the system to your advantage. But low-quality followers defeat this purpose because they aren’t that sneaky. If you suddenly experience a major drop in followers, or your follower list is full of shady-looking spam accounts, your real fans could discover that you have bought followers, and they may judge you for it. This judgement on their part could lead to a loss of credibility for you and your brand.

High-quality followers

Now, let’s take a look at high-quality followers. In contrast, high-quality followers have proper, well-refined profiles. The account names are real and meaningful. These high-quality followers have profile pictures that are relevant to the account name, not just some random image. Their biographies are well-written and describe what the account is about. These sorts of high-quality follower accounts are not easily recognizable as fakes.

High-quality followers also have high retention rates. Once you buy high-quality followers, you can feel confident that they’ll stick around because they aren’t easily detected by the Instagram’s algorithms. A true sign that a vendor sells high-quality followers is that they have survived Instagram’s purges of fake accounts in the past. For example, both AudienceGain and FastFollowerz survived the Instagram purges and are recognized as some of the top follower-sellers in the industry.

High-quality followers present much less risk to your online reputation. Your real followers and competitors won’t be able to tell that you have bought followers. Instead, these high-quality followers that you’ve bought will enhance your reputation and authority by making people think you’ve made it big on Instagram, even if you really haven’t yet.

Buying high-quality followers offers you a good return on investment. When you buy high-quality followers, they will deliver social authority to your profile, which in turn, increases your rate of organic growth when potential fans visiting your account see how popular you are, and become more likely to join the party.


Both the high-quality and low-quality followers you buy are not real people, and in themselves, they will not provide meaningful engagement on your posts. They will not like or comment on your photos, and none of them will ever become a real fan or a potential customer. However, from the breakdown we have provided in this article, it’s clear that all followers are not created equal. Despite the fact that you’ll often have to pay more, high-quality followers are always a better bet because they’re more likely to improve your chances of Instagram success in the long run, in comparison to low-quality followers from bot accounts.

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Date: May 19, 2016 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Tips, Uncategorized, / Author: vivi


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