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How to get your first 100 followers on Instagram

With more than 100 million active monthly users, Instagram has become a force to reckon with in the social media sphere. Starting out on Instagram can be a bit of a catch-22, however, because the fewer followers you have, the less likely you are to gain more. But that does not mean it can't be done. Today, we'll explain how you can easily move from zero to your first 100 followers on Instagram.

There are two basic ways to reach the First 100 Followers milestone: organic methods and buying followers.

Reach 100 through organic methods

Instagram allows users to connect to their profiles on their other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr. This is the first organic way to grow your Instagram account. Once you connect your Instagram to all of your social media accounts, you expand your account’s reach on the internet. You will boost your visibility among your multiple followers, who will be more likely follow you on Instagram as well.

Just like all other social media platforms, Instagram is about connecting with other users and creating a network. You should be active on the service, following other users and favoriting and commenting on their photos. By posting interesting comments, you start to draw attention to your profile. Post outside your circle of followers to widen your reach, and use relevant hashtags. You can find people to follow by going to the Search & Explore tab, where you will find suggestions based on your likes. Look around for community activities and contests, and participate in them whenever possible. 

When it comes to Instagram, your posts are your most important selling point. They go a long way in determining whether people follow you or not. Be regular and consistent in your posting. To boost the visibility of your posts, upload your best photos at strategic times of the day when most people are likely to be online. Use popular hashtags for your images to help other users find your content, too.

Reach 100 by buying followers

Buying followers provides you with a quick, easy and effective way to rack up your follower count on Instagram. Used in conjunction with organic growth methods, buying followers can be highly effective. However, be aware that some Instagram followers sellers might not be genuine, so be careful when choosing a company. We've reviewed hundreds of companies, you can check out our Top 10 Followers providers here

Here are some tips for checking out potential IG followers vendors.

The first thing to look out for is price. You will find that different vendors of Instagram followers have varying prices. One might offer 500 followers for $1.80, while another offers 1500 followers for $7. It's common for prices to wildly vary – but beware, because extremely cheap vendors will most likely provide you with followers from bot and spam accounts. This can reflect negatively on your account and reputation. 

The second factor to consider is the quality of followers from the vendor. High-quality providers will provide you with real accounts that have profile pictures and well-written bios. Sometimes, they're even active Instagram users. Instagram can’t detect these followers as purchased, and won’t be able to eliminate them later on.

Next, you should check the retention rate of followers from a particular vendor. Some vendors sell you followers, and at first everything appears fine. However, a short time down the line, maybe a after week, you start losing the followers you had gained, taking you back to square one. You will have already lost your dollars. To avoid such cases, go for vendors who offer a replacement guarantee for lost followers, such as FastFollowerz, who provide a one-year replacement guarantee.

Remember to also check on the quality of customer service offered by the vendor. At times, you might face a problem and need some help. Some vendors are unresponsive when you attempt to contact them. However, good providers will have strong customer service, respond to your concerns in a timely manner, and ensure you are satisfied.

Ultimately, the best method to gauge the quality of followers offered by a particular vendor is by going through reviews from previous clients. If the vendor has several negative reviews, chances are that the vendor is a scam or that they provide low-quality follows. Avoid any vendor with a series of bad reviews and instead go for the vendors with positive reviews and a strong track record.


Date: May 13, 2016 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Tips, Uncategorized, / Author: vivi


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