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10 Steps to 10k Instagram Followers

1. Develop a Brand

Here is the thing, you may think your life is so super interesting, but truth be told… It isn’t. Point blank. Not having a clear brand is the number one reason why you will probably plateau. Many companies or Instagram models think that including personal images will help their followers actually relate to the company thus adding value to their brand. But truth be told, it won’t.

Think of Coca-Cola for example. What is the first thought that crosses your mind? Black and Red, and the logo right? Oh and people having fun in a beach. Think of Pepsi, their biggest competitor, what comes to mind? Blue and Black, and polar bears. Now you are thinking about what makes a brand, clear colors and clear emotions. What kind of brand do you want to have? What would you like your followers to think about when they think of you?

Only post things that will exemplify that brand rather than confuse the followers.


2. Post Only Visually Stunning Content

This is so important, and yet so routinely overlooked. Honestly, EVERYONE looking to make a name for themselves on Instagram needs to learn how to edit correctly EVERY picture, and even get a professional camera. Why would I follow you if my pictures are better?

3. Post Regularly

Instagram calls for low content of extremely high value, therefore, posting often is not necessary but you should be posting at least once a day. Twice a day is ideal and should be scheduled once around 5p.m. and once around 2a.m. ESPECIALLY on Wednesdays. Of course, do sleep, this is why apps like Hootsuite exist, where you can schedule out content days and even weeks in advance to make sure to post in optimal time.

4. Use a Strong Call to Action in The Bio

This is one of my favorite pieces of advice. WE GET TO BE BOSSY on social media! People love love love being told what to do, no seriously. If you use a strong call to action in your bio such as “Follow our Journey” “Follow us for more content” “Follow us for deals” etc.… it will get people to follow you, sometimes even just instinctively.

5. Use Hashtags

And let me be clear as day here. Use RELEVANT hashtags. Just because #WCW gets a lot of action on Wednesdays, your picture of your sunset should not have this hashtag along with it! But do use hashtags that are relevant to what you do, for example:

My travel pictures may have some of the following:

  • #Travel
  • #Trip
  • #Wanderlust
  • #Instapassport
  • #PassportReady

Also use hashtags of accounts that feature their followers, the same picture may have:

  • #LonelyPlanet
  • #TravelandLeisure
  • #HuffTravel

Some of these hashtags may also help you gain exposure, but be careful, as these are not targeted and will be seen by a lot of people who are just looking for likes:

  • #L4L
  • #LikeForLike
  • #Like4Like
  • #F4F
  • #FollowForFollow

The rule of thumb is to use 21 hashtags, as 30 is the limit. While you are growing I would use as many hashtags as you can. Many people will also post extra hashtags in a comment, and I’ve seen as many as 45 using this method.

6. Use Calls to Actions in Pictures

Again, people like to be told what to do, and using hashtags more people will see your posts than ever see your bio. Therefore, use a clear call to action to engage with potential new followers and with your own followers. These may include:

  1. Read Bio for Details!
  2. Double Tap if you agree!
  3. Follow us for More!


7. Follow strategic people

Social Media has paved the way for influencers, and although we want to be like them, we also need to know what they are doing so following your industry’s influencers should be the number one step for your new IG. After that, understand they became an influencer because they have gained the respect of people interested in that industry so follow their followers!

P.S. Make sure to have content already uploaded and a full bio as to engage potential new followers, and only follow maximum of 30 people an hour as IG may ban your account if you follow and unfollow too quickly.

8. Participate in the community

This is where community managers become important, it is vital to remain active in the community. Go through the hashtags you use and comment on people’s pictures, like their posts, and engage with them. It may be slower than using any other strategy, but you’ll spark their interest and they will check out your account, if this is set up correctly, they will follow you!

9. Have an Editorial Calendar

All in all, the main thing is to have good consistent content. Some days you will feel really creative and others you will not have a single idea of what to post. This is just the truth, so to prevent the bad days from actually ruining your account, just write it all down and schedule days and weeks in advance. This is an editorial calendar.

10. Invest in Credibility

Unfortunately, however, you can do absolutely everything right but unless you have credibility in the industry, people won’t follow you back.

For example, if your travel IG leaves a comment on my Stockholm picture, I will look at your account but if you only have 3 posts and 10 followers, I will not be following any time soon. It sounds harsh but it is true. However, if you have 1k posts and 100k followers, now I am interested. If you have 10 posts and 10k followers then I may be wondering who you are and why so many people are interested, and therefore follow you. So what can you do to speed up this process?

Invest in shoutouts:

This is one way Influencers make money, brands will pay many influencers to repost or share information about their brands. This will boost your profile when it comes to their visitors but it does come at a price, most influencers won’t even think about giving you a shout out for less than $150.00/post. It also comes with no guarantees, no one may actually follow your brand.

However, for influencers with loyal followings, this could be a way to really promote you and build a relationship with them and their followers.


Invest in Followers:

Super easy and inexpensive way to gain credibility. You can pay for as many followers as your heart desires and now when you are engaging with the community, you will very easily be credible. Followers are guaranteed to you however, they aren’t real, and unless you buy retweets and likes, it may look fake. Therefore, only use this strategy to gain credibility and gain those followers that may have passed you over in the first place. Invest in a few at a time and really build up when your follower count plateaus.


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Date: May 12, 2016 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Buy Instagram Likes, Uncategorized, / Author: Sarah


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