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Why Instagram Followers Drop

You have been steadily building your Instagram account, and though it has taken you a good deal of time, you can finally see the results. Finally, your Instagram target has passed through the crosshairs and you’re where you want to be. Then one morning, just like any other day, you log into your Instagram; what you see next leaves you speechless. Your Instagram followers have dropped by 100 overnight.

How did this happen? We’d like to help you find out what is usually going on behind the scenes when your Instagram followers mysteriously drop off.

Why do you actually lose followers?

When you find yourself losing a significant number of followers on Instagram, it’s likely the result of something you’ve done.

This a good moment to do a reflection on the posts you’re putting up on Instagram. When people start following you on Instagram, it means that they have found your content to be interesting, and they want to see more of it. However, when you change somewhere along the line and start posting the same thing over and over, or when you start posting images and videos that are boring or offensive, you shouldn’t be surprised when your followers start hitting Unfollow.

Alternatively, it could be that you are overwhelming your followers with your incessant posting. Now, don’t get it twisted, there is absolutely nothing wrong with posting several images and videos on your Instagram account per day. You just need to make sure that they are well dispersed throughout the course of the day. Posting your images too close to each other tends to clog your followers’ accounts, and it won’t sit well with some of them. No one wants to find their timeline flooded with a dozen images from the same account everyday they sign in.

Another culprit could be your social behavior on the photo sharing platform. Are you unsociable on Instagram? Instagram is first and foremost a social networking site, so you have to ensure that you always maintain the social. To do this, make sure you like and comment on the posts of other users, while at the same time replying to others’ comments on your images and videos. Failure to do this will make your followers feel ignored and needless to say, many of them may end up unfollowing you. The same applies for failing to follow back your followers. Remember, to succeed on Instagram, you must learn to apply the rule of reciprocation.

Another mistake most people make on Instagram is being all about making sales. Naturally, you want to leverage the power of Instagram to market your business and  products, so posting images of your products is a given, and there is nothing absolutely wrong with that. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it. If your timeline is filled with images of your products, and more photos of your products, this is likely to stress out some of your followers, and they’ll probably hit unfollow. Instead, you should cut it out with your boring product posts and aim to deliver more relevant content that is both entertaining and educational.

Inactivity is another enemy of growth on Instagram. People follow you because they want to see your content. No one wants to follow accounts that don’t post anything nor engage with others’ content. Leaving your Instagram account to be inactive will most likely lose you more than a couple of followers.

One more reason you may lose followers is due to having fake followers. In a bid to rack up follower counts, some people buy fake Instagram followers. While these followers may give a boost to your numbers, it’s against Instagram’s policy, and therefore, from time to time, Instagram drops the hammer on these fake accounts. If such followers form the bulk of your followers, you may wake up one day with a big chunk missing.

How to avoid losing the followers that you buy

If you have decided that buying followers is a strategy that will work for you, ensure that you buy high-quality followers or you risk losing them early on. That’s because high-quality followers can be indistinguishable from genuine followers as far as Instagram is concerned. However, this won’t necessarily affect you if you choose to buy followers – high-quality companies won’t fill your account with fake followers.

To buy high-quality followers, you should buy followers from trusted vendors. Given the nature of the industry, finding someone you can trust can be somewhat tricky, especially when a quick search on Google will give you dozens of websites claiming to sell Instagram followers.

A good sign to look for from a trusted vendor is a retention guarantee or a money-back guarantee. For instance, CoinCrack offers an extensive policy that guarantees to keep your followers on or they will return your money.

We hope after reading this article you have a better idea about why Instagram followers drop off and what you can do to prevent it, including when you buy followers. To read more about cheap vendors and be able to better distinguish them, check out this article.

Date: April 29, 2016 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Tips, Uncategorized, / Author: vivi


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