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Top Companies for Instagram Likes and Followers

With continued double-digit growth through the last few years, Instagram has developed a huge marketing potential for reaching social media users on mobile. As with any marketing platform, advertisers are scrambling to find the most efficient way to reach their audience. One strategy that has exploded in recent years is buying likes and followers. Due to the surge in popularity of this method, we’ve seen a great deal of websites offering these types of services.

The problem with so many websites offering these same services is that there are bound to be a few scammers. Unfortunately, the risk of being scammed is higher because we’re dealing with an electronic service with many variables. However, don’t turn your back on these types of services altogether because there are definitely high-quality, legitimate providers out there. Today, we’re going to help you learn how to spot these top providers and avoid having to deal with shady vendors.

Why buy likes and followers?


People buy likes and followers to kickstart new accounts and build social proof, which is the ideas that people’s opinions are influenced by others. On Instagram, users more likely to notice and interact with accounts that already have a good number of likes and follows.

Boosting a new account with likes and followers is quite common, simply because it’s such a major challenge to build an account without followers. Users rarely follow profiles that don’t have some sort of signals from other users indicating the content is worth paying attention to. Ordering a healthy chunk of likes and followers creates that first layer of social proof that can help you get going on Instagram.

Follower counts are important for businesses and brands, as users typically use that count to gauge their success against their competition. Having a large number of followers makes your profile appear to be an authority in your niche. People who are interested in your niche are more likely to follow because it appears that other users are interested. As an example, you see in the two wedding-related posts below that the first image appears more noteworthy and authoritative than the second one because of how many more likes it has.

A photo posted by Lisa Vorce (@lisavorce) on

Boosting your individual posts with a bunch of likes is a nice icing on the cake to help reinforce your authority in your niche. Even if you have a million followers, it doesn’t prove much with a bunch of pictures that have no more than 4 likes. Because of this, it’s really important that you don’t rely on boosting followers alone – make sure to add an appropriate amount of likes and comments.

Choosing a high-quality seller

Finding someone who promises all of the above isn’t that hard; finding someone who actually delivers is the challenge. Your best friend when trying to find a good provider is going to be the reviews that you find across the internet. Always make sure to see what everyone else is saying about a particular vendor before you start ordering likes and followers. You should also compare things like the price, turnaround time, customer support, and money-back guarantees.

Once you’ve found someone that you feel pretty confident about, you can always order a small amount of followers to an alternate Instagram account of yours. This is a great way to test out a vendor before sending traffic to your main account – just in case it’s a shady vendor looking to send spam. Usually this isn’t necessary, but it’s an extra cautionary step that people can take if they are still concerned about a seller.

You should be fine as long as you can find a couple different positive reviews about a provider and there isn’t anything questionable about their policies. A great vendor to start with would be FastFollowerz, who we highly recommend for buying Instagram followers. You can tell they’ve been around for a while, and they aren’t just a new site looking to make a quick buck.

Drawbacks of buying Instagram services

Remember at the beginning how we talked about the sea of websites offering these services, and how it has resulted in a lot of scammers? That’s one of the bigger downsides of buying Instagram services, but not the only one. Although you can avoid being scammed by sticking to the same reputable vendors, you won’t be able to avoid the skewed metrics that come along with buying likes and followers. Skewed metrics aren’t going to negatively affect your account, but they make it difficult to determine your ROI for other marketing campaigns. You won’t be able to easily decipher your real followers from your fake ones, which can certainly be a downside.

None of the accounts that follow you from these services will be real Instagram users either. You’ll receive no interaction with your business or brand from these users outside of any likes or comments you purchase.

Is it right for you?

So you’ve heard the benefits and the drawbacks, now it’s time to decide if buying Instagram likes and followers is right for you. For those who are still wary about inflating their metrics or running into a scam site, perhaps you should consider it a bit more. However, if you’re looking to kickstart a new account, or add more authority to an existing account, you’ll be able to do that with these services.

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