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Should You Buy Instagram Likes

The question of whether you should buy Instagram likes or not depends on what you want to do on Instagram. Are you just a casual nature photographer who likes to share pictures with friends on occasion? Then no, you probably don't need to buy likes. But, if you're someone who wants those photos to get as much exposure as possible, perhaps you do want to buy likes. Having a lot of likes, along with some other things, can help you land sponsorship deals.

Part of a bigger plan

So if you do want to maximize your exposure, there's some work you need to do. Don't expect everything to fall into your lap just because you bought a few thousand likes. Sure, they'll look nice, but they'll look amazing if they're accompanied by shares. That's not all though – you need to watch your Like-to-Comment ratio. if there aren't any comments, your likes will look suspicious. Lucky for you, most vendors who sell Instagram likes can also hook you up with shares and comments.

To add even more legitimacy to your metrics, add followers to your profile as well. With all this combined, people will see your profile and assume you're a popular user. This perception of social proof, along with good content, will get you more followers. This is the secret to buying likes and other engagements. Even if you didn't buy likes but still wanted exposure, you'd need to advertise.

Well, advertising becomes all the more useful if you do indeed buy likes and followers. Since social proof causes more people to be interested in your profile, you get a higher return. This allows you to spend less on advertising to make up for what you spent on the likes.

Don't get burned

While we're on the topic of spending, let's talk about how to make sure this doesn't backfire. Buying likes, comments, and the rest can very well save you a decent chunk of change. But, buying them from the wrong vendor could put you in a hole. Shady vendors will either scam you or sell you junk signals that can hurt your account.

Low-quality social signals can even get you banned since they are easier to detect by Instagram. Buying likes is against their TOS, so you want to be careful. Getting banned is the last thing you want happening.

This isn't a scare tactic to stop you from buying social signals, but rather a word of caution. If you are safe about it and have the right knowledge, you don't need to worry about this. Of course, sticking to top rated vendors in the industry is a sure fire way to avoid being scammed or banned.

Experiment until it works

Not everything will go as planned the first time you try to execute a marketing plan like this. You might pick a vendor who wasn't quite right, or your advertising might be missing the mark. The key is to stay with it and keep trying new things until it improves.

Make sure to keep good record of your fake engagements so you don't confuse them with real traffic. Check your metrics often to see what is and isn't working. Once you've got that recipe for success, you can continue to tweak and improve it.

Fake it 'til you make it

Don't go into this expecting huge results overnight. Well, you'll get hundreds or thousands of followers overnight, but aren't what you want in the end. The organic, real followers will come later on with proper growth.

Always remember to stay safe when buying likes or any type of engagement, whether it be followers, comments, views, whatever. Avoid any too-good-to-be-true deals, or vendors offering 100% “real followers.”

But if you keep our warnings in mind and have a plan to boost your Instagram growth, then yes – You should buy Instagram likes.


Date: February 5, 2016 / Categories: Buy Instagram Likes, Providers, Tips, Uncategorized, / Author: vivi


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