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Get popular buying Instagram followers, and then get famous the natural way

You’ve seen the Instagram profiles with millions of followers and thousands of instant likes on each photo they upload. It’s easy to feel jealous of these accounts and their seemingly endless streams of Likes and comments. Being jealous won’t get you very far, but you’d be surprised at how proactively taking action to boost your profile’s popularity can make.

In fact, not only have most of the popular Instagram accounts you see today bought followers, they’re most likely still paying for a steady follower stream. That’s not to say they didn’t put in hard work to get to where they are, but in reality it’s near impossible to organically reach Kardashian follower levels without buying followers.


Social Proof: Proving it Works

social proof - crowd looking upFollowers provided by Instagram service providers aren’t real. They can’t buy any of your products, and they won’t tell their friends about your profile. However, you don’t buy followers (or likes, or comments) for the immediate push — you buy them for social proof.

Social proof is the theory that decisions made by others have an effect on the decisions we make ourselves. It’s nothing new and appears in various aspects of life, social media included. When you see a profile that has millions of followers and content that interests you, you are more likely to follow that page because its follower count is proof of its quality content. On the other hand, a really great photo from someone with 12 followers might prompt you to like or favorite the photo, but you probably won’t follow that user.

The truth is, when it comes to Instagram, the more followers you have, the more followers you’ll attract. It’s a virtuous cycle: engagements lead to more engagements, and it becomes easier to grow your legitimate followers. Buying followers is a way to “fake it ‘til you make it,” but ultimately, buying followers ends up being one of the more foolproof ways to grow a social media presence.


sallyAnna’s Story

Let’s talk about Anna, an Instagram user who read some of our reviews and decided to take the plunge and boost her account by buying followers from us. Prior to buying, Anna had already posted some great Instagram photos that received good feedback from her family and friends. Over the course of six months, she had built her follower count to 300+, and it was steadily growing – but it was growing very slowly.

Anna was happy with her 300-some followers, but realized she wasn’t really garnering any new attention from people outside her family or her close friends. She tried reaching out to websites, sponsors, and even talent agencies, but didn’t find any help. She was told by one representative that despite the fact she was clearly a talented photographer, she didn’t have a big enough following to merit their endorsement.

At this point, Anna wasn’t quite sure what she could do to grow her Instagram profile the way it had been growing when she’d first started. Eventually, she found our website, read some of our reviews, and bought her first batch of followers and likes. She began to notice that more of her real followers liked her photos, simply because the volume of purchased likes seemed to have an influence.

Once she noticed positive results, she started adding more followers and likes. This led to organic followers liking her page, because they saw she had a large following for her photos. These people had seen her images before, and although they may have liked the photo, they didn’t follow because her follower count was low. However, after breaching the thousands, the organic followers started flowing in regularly and engaging with Anna’s photos.

Now, she doesn’t have to reach out to websites and sponsors because they’re contacting her, asking for a chance to work together on endorsements and other deals. Anna reached out to thank us for helping her see how buying Instagram followers can be useful when utilized properly. She hopes her story can help a few other aspiring Instagrammers make their way to the top as well.


Instagram banBut Won’t I Get my Profile Banned?

Buying followers and likes on Instagram has gotten a bad rap in the past due to articles saying Instagram is cracking down on those using these services, and slapping them with a ban. Although partially true, you can easily avoid a ban by being sure you use reputable providers who don’t use suspicious accounts and bots to send your likes and followers.

There is always a bit of a risk when buying likes or followers, but with a bit of research into the process, you bring that risk down to a slight chance of getting your account flagged or suspended. If you’re smart, you’ll have a higher chance of replicating Anna’s success than ending up with a ban.

Always ensure whoever you purchase followers and likes from has a solid track record with positive reviews. If you see people saying they got banned by Instagram or scammed by the vendor, don’t risk it and move on to the next one. To be completely safe, run an experiment: buy followers and likes on a new account, and see what happens.


Now or never

The ball is in your court. Take action and start building your Instagram following with bought traffic, and see what organic growth follows. Or, roll the dice and hope you get lucky with a viral photo or rare endorsement from someone who already has Instagram fame. If you’re looking for a good place to start, head over to our reviews section and take a look at what some of the top rated providers in the social media marketing industry have to offer.


Date: January 13, 2016 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Guide, Uncategorized, / Author: Rich Drees


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