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What it Takes to Become A Top Instagram Follower Provider

A ton of people have begun using Instagram for marketing, personal sharing and branding over the last few years, which has spawned an industry dedicated to providing high-quality followers that can directly contribute to building and growing an account’s social proof. An old adage says, ‘the people go where the crowd goes’, and it couldn’t be more true. That’s why a lot of people now rely on buying followers to quickly increase the number of followers they have. Where there is a need, companies arise to fill the gap, but in this industry, not every company is as reputable or dedicated as they should be.
What goes into becoming a ‘Top Instagram Follower Provider’?


Instagram Follower Quality

High-Quality Instagram Photos

Having thousands of followers is not really enough if those followers are not “quality followers”. If the followers you buy are clearly bogus accounts that don’t really have “life” in them, they will most likely be deleted eventually (Like what happened in the “2014 Insta Purge” where a millions of accounts were deleted because they were suspected as spam accounts). Creating quality followers is the most important factor to consider in this business, otherwise your followers won’t last.

There are two types of followers provided by these companies, the “Bot Followers” and the “real” accounts.
Bot Followers are programmed accounts that simply follow you, but have no further interactions or comments on your posts. These followers are the cheapest and easiest to scale (buy more of). The Top Instagram Follower Providers have greatly improved these types of account and given them life. They have have their own posts and images so they seem more real, though their inactivity can be a disappointment at times.
Real Followers are ones that are actually being managed by people. These people are hired by Instagram follower providers to micro manage multiple accounts and interact with your profile. These accounts even have a good number of followers, post images and even make comments to other post to make them more legit. They are MUCH more expensive than the bot followers but they are the best quality followers, though not always the right choice. You can only buy them in very limited quantities, and eventually the ‘activity rate’ drops off. A better option might be to buy regular Instagram followers, and then purchase an ‘engagement addon’ from a provider like FastFollowerz. They can arrange for each post you create to be automatically liked and commented on for a monthly fee – which you have control over.


Retention Rate

Retention rate is also very important to a top Instagram Follower Provider, because buying hundreds or thousands of followers won’t mean a thing if they don’t last. Any Top Instagram follower provider will be so confident with their follower quality that they guarantee that their followers will remain with you for years to come – literally putting their money where their mouth is.



The diversity of your followers is also important; having a thousand Asian followers would seem weird if you’re living in America and marketing to Americans. Your followers need to be in relation with your area so that the interactions seem natural for everyone.
While geo-targeting is relatively new to the industry, we predict that the top-tier follower providers will offer increasingly micro-targeted services that allow you to personally customize your engagement packages across the board.


At A Glance

To be one of the Top Instagram Follower providers isn’t easy – nor should it be. To hold that title, a company needs to excel in their dedication to quality, and needs to guarantee the retention of its followers for years to come. Buying followers from these providers will certainly give you your money’s worth and will increase your social proof in no time – worry free!

If you are looking to buy only high-quality Instagram followers, make sure you check out our Top 5 List for Instagram Followers. We also have reviews and rankings for Instagram Likes – and we have thoroughly reviewed a large numbers of the most popular Instagram tools – you can find our recommendations there!

Date: December 4, 2015 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Interesting, Uncategorized, / Author: Rich Drees


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