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Buy Instagram Followers: Our Reviews

Our job at IGReviews is to test the best Instagram follower services online today, and some of the not-so-best, then report what we find to you. We tried dozens of places to buy followers for Instagram so that you can be sure that you’re buying from a trusted provider. Look for user reviews on our site as well from people who have already bought followers from these services.

Read our reviews below, click the link to the provider which you like best, and know that you’ll get what you pay for!

Top 5 Instagram Follower Providers

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IGReviews is a free and professional review site that receives compensation from some of the companies we review when you make a purchase through our link. This does not affect our reviews which are our own independent opinions based on thousands of hours of research and testing. It is in our best interest to ensure we refer you to the best companies as we do not receive compensation if you are not satisfied with a company we referred you to (ie. you request a refund or cancel your order). If you find our reviews helpful, please make a purchase through our links to support our work. Thank you!
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Why should I buy Instagram followers or likes?

Buying Instagram followers and likes is the quickest way to start your new Instagram account, get a struggling one to really take off, or prepare for a big marketing push. The services we review are designed to give accounts a small push right when they most need it. They allow your excellent content to shine, and that’s why millions of people have bought Instagram followers and engagements. Everyone from celebrities to local businesses have used the services above to great success, and you can too!

buy instagram followers reviews

Buying followers on Instagram is really about what happens after you buy them. If you have very few followers, very few people will take your account and content seriously. If you have very many followers, very many people will take your account and content seriously. It’s pretty basic human nature! Learn more about what to do after buying Instagram followers in our guide.

How does buying followers work?

Buying Instagram followers is easy! All you need to do is:

  1. Read our reviews above.
  2. Choose the company you feel comfortable with.
  3. Select the service which will best help you meet your goals.
  4. Pay them, usually giving your @username or URL for delivery.
  5. Watch your Instagram account take off!

You can start seeing results within the hour for some of the faster companies we review, while others take a little more time.

How do these companies deliver followers though? Each company has a different method. We look at how they deliver them in our reviews, so be sure to scroll up and read them!

Will the followers I buy disappear?

If you buy from a company we review well, with a great retention rate, it’s very unlikely you’ll lose your followers after purchasing them. This was a big concern for people after the “Instagram Purge” of 2014, but it all comes down to how well the companies manage their followers.

Most companies will lose, at worst, 5% or so of their followers from week to week. The best will over-deliver in anticipation of this so you’ll never really suffer. You need to choose a high-quality company from our list above so that you know you won’t have all your followers disappear like smoke on a windy day.

buy instagram followers reviews
Why should you trust our reviews?

We’re Instagram marketers, users, and lovers ourselves… What can we say? We do it for the ‘Gram! In our quest to grow our accounts, we’ve used Instagram follower and engagement services for help and have been burned. We don’t like getting burned as it seriously cramps our style...

To help, we kept track of our experiences and built the basics of our site. When our site took off we tested dozens of different companies across the Internet to really make our reviews what they are today. Our goal is to make sure that you know where to find a great provider, and what to expect from them. Think of us as a big old fire extinguisher putting out fires to keep you from getting burned like we did in the past!

The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

There are two sides to every situation, and this is true in the controversial market of buying Instagram followers. The team here at IGReviews have been using services such as this for years now, and we’ve learned first hand what the pros and cons are to using them.

If you’re still not sure if you want to buy Instagram followers, read the points below to see what the services we review can certainly do, and what they’re not great at, so that you can make your decision.

The Pros

  • Buying followers is a fast way to push your perceived authority upwards. This will help any account, business or personal, go from zero followers and no authority, to thousands of followers and lots of authority.
  • These services give you social credibility, like the cool kid in school or the popular guy at the office who are always surrounded by people. With more credibility, more Instagram users will take you seriously and want to join in as well.
  • Organic growth, from real Instagram followers, will increase as a result of the above factors. That’s what this is really all about as real followers turn into real results.
  • All types of online marketing which goes through Instagram at some point will meet with greater success. Accounts with lots of followers look more trustworthy than those with very few.
  • Those with social widgets on their website, which display follower or engagement numbers, will see an increase in online sales, conversions, and clicks on their site. Trust is hard to come by online, but follower numbers are a social sign of trust.

The Cons

  • The followers are usually not real people, and are inactive accounts. Some providers work with third party advertising networks to draw followers, and others are part of reward networks of real users.
  • These services are not a cure-all, you will still need to market, use hashtags, and create great content. They strike a match, and you supply the dynamite! If you really want to blow things up, read our guide to developing an Instagram marketing strategy.
  • There is a negative stigma to buying Instagram followers. You’ll want to keep your purchase to yourself, and the followers we review above will keep it to themselves as well!
  • There are scammers in the industry, the ones which burned us in the past, and you need to be aware of this. You have to read reviews before buying as even scammers can put together good looking websites.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The concept of buying Instagram Followers may be something you’re considering, but it raises more questions than answers. So, we’ve listed the most common questions we get asked below.

  • Will Instagram ban my account if I buy followers?
  • No, Instagram won’t ban your account for buying followers. At worst, you’ll lose your bought followers — which is not a good outcome because of wasted resources and risks to your reputation. To keep this from happening to you, make sure you use only high-quality providers who only deliver the best quality Instagram followers, rather than bots or spam accounts.

    If you purchase followers from our top-rated providers, you can be sure that buying followers won’t pose a risk to your reputation.

  • Will other people know I’m buying Instagram followers?
  • Other Instagrammers may not necessarily know if you're buying followers, but whether or not they suspect it comes back to the quality of the provider you choose. If you purchase from low-quality sellers, it will be pretty obvious to anyone who looks that some of your followers look a little off.

    On the other hand, high-quality sellers deliver Instagram followers that looks so authentic nobody will ever suspect that they're purchased. That’s why you should always do research, and read our reviews found above right now, before buying from any provider.

  • What are the features to look for in a follower provider?
  • The top features of any follower provider are retention and quality. Look at how long the followers stay on after purchase, and how authentic and active they look to be. Also pay attention to the provider’s customer protections: retention guarantees, privacy policies, and customer support protocols before you hit that purchase button.

    We test for all of these factors, and more, so be sure to read reviews before buying. We make the policies simple for you to understand, and show the quality of orders we've actually done.

  • What do bought Instagram followers look like?
  • This depends on the quality of the provider you choose. Low-quality followers will look like new accounts: just a few uploaded images, no bio, no followers, and usually following a lot of accounts.

    High-quality followers have all the characteristics of real Instagram followers as they will have many uploads, full bios, and a 1:10 ratio between following to followers. These followers are virtually indistinguishable from organically obtained ones. Sometimes, fake followers will be set to Private to make it difficult to tell whether they’re real or fake. See our reviews where we show real examples of followers we've purchased from providers so that you know what to expect.

  • Does buying Instagram followers work?
  • Yes! Buying followers is the quickest and easiest way to kickstart follower growth on Instagram. It’s always tough to start from zero on social media, so why not give yourself a boost against all the big-money media starts who are so far ahead of you? Even though they don’t talk about it, the truth is millions of users, from celebrities to local businesses, have bought followers on Instagram themselves. The tactic is popular because it works.

    Buying followers is not just about the numbers or buying popularity – it’s about what happens after you buy them. If you already have a thousand followers, people are more likely to take your posts seriously. They’re more likely to ♥ your images, and will comment more often when you post. Learn more about whether buying Instagram followers is right for you with our Pros & Cons Guide.

  • How do companies deliver Instagram followers?
  • Every company is different and uses its own set of techniques and methods to deliver Instagram followers to your account. This can include simple Bot Networks, or have advanced ad targeting campaigns behind it. In our reviews, we state and review each company’s methods, so be sure to read them above!

  • Will I lose the followers that I buy?
  • It is highly unlikely that you will lose the followers you buy if you buy from a top-rated company on our review list. One of the biggest concerns users have with buying Instagram followers is the possibility of losing them. Since the Instagram Purge of 2014, this concern has only become more prevalent.

    Whether or not you'll lose followers all comes down to the company and how well they maintain their followers. While most companies may have issues on a week-to-week basis with losing followers (these are the low-quality companies who sell cheap Instagram followers), the top companies do an exceptional job at managing high-quality, long-term Instagram followers.

    If you’re concerned with losing Instagram followers, be sure to stick to the top companies reviewed on our list.

  • Why should I trust the reviews of Instagram followers on this site?
  • We’re all frequent Instagram users and marketers over here at IGReviews. We’ve all bought Instagram followers at one time or another, and we’ve been ripped off more times than we care for. We made this site to help others, and we’ve tested about 30 different companies and sellers to really know the market.

    Our experience has taught us exactly what you should expect, and what you shouldn’t tolerate from the order process and turnaround time, to quality and reliability of followers. Our reviews even look at peripheral aspects such as customer support and company policies. We know that buying Instagram followers is a common tactic, and want to make sure that anyone doing it doesn’t leave empty handed, scammed, or with a bad word about what happened to them.

  • What does retention mean in context of Instagram followers?
  • Retention means how many followers will stay with you after the guarantee (if they even have one) the provider gives to you runs out. We wait until after the retention guarantee has expired and see if any of the purchased followers unfollow our account or get deleted by Instagram, and report our retention experiences to you in our reviews.

  • Can I get banned for buying Instagram followers?
  • Since you won’t be spamming anyone, and you can not control who follows you, your account is usually very safe. If the followers are delivered to you in an unnatural fashion, or too quickly, then they may be deleted from your account. Generally, your profile is safe from any banning when you buy followers.

  • What was the Instapurge?
  • In December of 2014, Instagram deleted over 10,000,000 accounts which they deemed inactive, fake, or created for spam purposes. The best Instagram follower providers were not part of that deletion, which is why we mention this in our reviews of the best Instagram follower providers.

  • How does buying Instagram followers work?
  • Every Instagram follower provider is different, but some examples of how they deliver followers to you include Bot Nets, Neural Networks, Targeted Advertising, and Reward Networks. The best quality followers are real users that actually receive micro-transactions for every like and follow they give to the provider, who then sells those followers back to you.

  • Can you really buy Instagram followers?
  • Yes! A lot of people are buying followers. It’s also very easy. You just have to:
    1 - Choose a reliable provider
    2 - Decide on the number of followers you want. You could go as high as 20,000 or more.
    3 - Place your order
    4 - Wait for your new followers to arrive. It may take a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of your order.
    5 - Watch your Instagram account take off!

  • Am I buying real or fake followers?
  • The type of followers you will get would greatly depend on the kind of provider you’re going to choose. Top-rated companies deliver real users to your account. These followers provide great value to you. Unfortunately, there are also many shady providers that offer cheap, inactive, or fake followers.

    Take time to know more about the company you’d like to get Instagram followers from. Browse through their website, talk to their customer support, and read our reviews. If you’re not completely convinced but would like to give them a try anyway, consider buying a small package first to see the kind of followers they deliver.

  • Why should I buy Instagram followers?
  • If you’re looking to improve your influence or authority in your niche, a good follower count could give you a boost. Buying followers helps you standout in a crowded space like Instagram. It’s not the only way to get noticed, but it’ll give your account the push it needs. You should buy Instagram followers if you want to:

    - Skyrocket your follower growth
    - Improve your social credibility
    - Increase organic growth
    - Make your account look popular
    - Enhance personal or brand image
    - Expand your reach

    There are other benefits to buying Instagram followers. Learn more in our Pros and Cons section above.

  • Is buying Instagram followers a scam?
  • Buying Instagram followers isn’t a scam. You’ll find a lot of credible providers that don’t just offer real followers but solid customer protection guarantees, too. These guarantees ensure customer satisfaction and allay any worries regarding follower drops or non-delivery of service.

    Unfortunately, scammers do exist—but not just on this market! They claim to offer super fast delivery of “real” followers at ridiculously low prices. If it seems too good to be true, continue on looking. With our reviews, we hope to help you find the best provider that meets your needs.

  • Is buying Instagram followers safe?
  • Yes it is. The goal of this service is to simply increase your follower count. It doesn’t do anything else to your account and it’s unlikely that your account will be banned or suspended for it.

    The only things you’ll have to consider are (1) falling prey to dubious providers and (2) losing followers because Instagram deleted them. To avoid these, read reviews and learn as much as you can about the company. In addition, avoid those that would require you to give your password.

  • Is it illegal to buy Instagram followers?
  • Definitely not. There is no law prohibiting you from buying Instagram followers. But certain practices used by some providers go against Instagram’s policies. There’s a higher risk that you could lose the followers you’ve bought if the company uses questionable strategies.

  • Can a company remove bought followers after delivering them?
  • It’s highly unlikely for a reputable provider to do this. The only reasons you could lose followers are if they actually unfollow you or Instagram deletes them.

  • Will bought Instagram followers pass fake followers checkers?
  • It will depend on the quality of followers you have. Bot and inactive followers may be detected as fake followers, while active followers may be tagged as real followers.

    To avoid any problems, it’s best to choose a tried-and-tested company as your source of Instagram followers. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one but it has to be one with great customer reviews and a good reputation.

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