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SocialRoar Review - Should You Buy Their Insta Followers?.

SocialRoar Review

Company: SocialRoar (United States)
Services: Instagram
Starting Price: $3 / 100 Instagram Followers

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SocialRoar Review in a nutshell


SocialRoar tries to find a nice balance between quality, price, and service. And based on our testing, they mostly accomplish that. The customer experience is clear and simple, which inspires trust from the outset. Their site focuses on only Instagram, and offers services for both increasing your followers, and getting more likes for your photos.

They deliver on time, but the quality of the followers is on the low side of average. Overall, this is a good company. While they are not our top pick, we do recommend them.

After the Instagram purge in mid-December 2014, we’re happy to report that we didn’t lose any followers with this account. They delivered 502, and that’s where it has stayed.

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Plans & Pricing

SocialRoar doesn’t offer as many pricing options as some of the other companies, but there’s still plenty to choose from. Prices are competitive, right around the industry average. The prices for followers and likes are the same, and they’ll even offer you a discount at checkout if you buy them together. Here’s all their plans:

  • 100 Followers – $3
  • 500 Followers – $7
  • 2,500 Followers – $30
  • 5,000 Followers – $40
  • 10,000 Followers – $70

Delivery Time

Delivery Time

Within five minutes of ordering,we began seeing new followers, and after ten minutes, our order was halfway fulfilled. The followers came in at a steady pace, which is a definite plus. They completed our order about 30 minutes after ordering with just over 100% of the promised number. This makes their services among the fastest delivery times that we’ve tested to date.

SocialRoar Followers

The Quality of Instagram Followers

Most of our new Instagram followers from SocialRoar were acceptable, but far from great. While all the followers had a profile picture which looked realistic, their usernames were very random, making them look fake. Each follower had only about 2-3 photos, in other words quite inactive, which didn’t help their “Real-Looking” claim. The ratio of follower to following was about average (1:10), but there seemed to be little to no interaction among the followers.

When compared to other top instagram follower providers, SocialRoar’s Follower quality is just about average. They don’t quite match the high quality followers we found with FastFollowerz or ViralKick (all of which had usernames that look real and were more active), but they are on par with other top providers such as Hypez and Buzzoid.

Instagram Follower Retention Rate


A week later, the retention rate of our new SocialRoar followers was exactly 100% of the initial number received. This makes us very comfortable, because we found other providers such as Corepillar initially over-delivered on our order, only to have that number drop below 100% after just a few days.

For us, the retention rate also says something about the quality–not only the quality of the followers delivered, but also about the quality of the provider. Consistency is important. Even if they eventually arrive at the same number, we’d rather see a steady number of followers than one that spikes way up only to drop back down.

Customer Service

Customer Support

When ordering, they asked only for our username and email, so there’s no security concerns. At check out, they offered us a 25% discount to upgrade our order to include additional followers. Upon payment via PayPal, we received an Order Confirmation Email immediately.

They claim to have 24/7 support, but two attempts to contact them via email were unsuccessful. The automated systems that they have function very well. But their customer service is not as efficient or personalized as we found with ViralKick, where the “Live Chat” window worked like a charm.

SocialRoar Review Conclusion

Social Roar
  • Scalability
  • Pricing
  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Customer Support


After reviewing their services, we put SocialRoar right in the middle of the pack when combining all factors. We liked their ease of ordering and pricing plans, which gives even the budget conscious an option starting at just $3.00. While they offer fast, reliable service and decent prices, their customer service is lacking. If they can resolve their issues with support, then we might be swayed to rank them a bit higher.

Update: Given the fact that they are one of the few companies whose followers survived the Insta-Purge 2014, we have moved SocialRoar up in our rankings.

User Rating: 3.7 (13 votes)


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