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FAQ About Buying Instagram Followers

Will Instagram ban my account if I buy followers?
No, Instagram won’t ban your account for buying followers. At worst, you’ll lose your bought followers — which is not a good outcome because of wasted resources and risks to your reputation. To avoid this outcome, make sure you use only high-quality providers who only deliver real Instagram followers, rather than bots or spam accounts.
If you purchase followers from our top-rated providers, you can be sure that buying followers won’t pose a risk to your reputation.

Will other people know I’m buying Instagram followers?
Not necessarily, though this comes back to the quality of your provider. If you purchase from low-quality sellers, the Instagram followers you buy will be pretty obvious to anyone who looks. On the other hand, high-quality sellers deliver real Instagram followers that nobody will know were purchased. That’s why you should always do research and read reviews before buying from a provider.

What are the top features to look for in a provider?
The top features are retention and quality. Look at how long the followers stay on after purchase, and how authentic and active they are. Also pay attention to the provider’s customer protections: retention guarantees, privacy policies, etc.
We test for all of these factors and more, so be sure to read reviews before buying.

What do bought Instagram followers look like?
Depends on the quality. Low-quality followers will look like new accounts: just a few uploaded images, no bio, no followers, following a lot of accounts. High-quality followers have all the characteristics of real Instagram followers: the best will have many uploads, full bios and a 1:10 ratio between following to followers. These followers are virtually indistinguishable from organically obtained ones. Sometimes, fake followers will be set to Private so it’s difficult to tell whether they’re real or fake.
Here’s an example of some purchased followers:

Does buying Instagram followers work?
Yes – buying followers is the quickest and easiest way to kickstart follower growth on Instagram. It’s always tough to start from zero on social media – why not give yourself a boost? Even though they don’t talk about it, the truth is millions of users, from celebrities to local businesses, have bought followers and engagements on Instagram. The tactic is popular because it works.

Buying followers is not just about the numbers or buying popularity – it’s about the after-effect. If you already have a thousand followers, people are more likely to take your posts seriously. They’re more likely to ♥ your images, and more likely to comment when you post. Learn more about whether buying Instagram followers is right for you with our Pros & Cons.

How does it work?
It’s easy. Choose a company and service you want. Provide them with your @username or link to your photo (Never give away your password!). After you order, you should start seeing followers coming in within a few hours to a few days, depending on the company. And that’s it!

How do they do it?
Every company is different and uses its own set of techniques and methods to deliver followers and likes. In our reviews, we state and review each company’s methods.

Will I lose the followers that I buy?
Highly unlikely, if you buy from a top-rated company. One of the biggest concerns users have with buying Instagram followers is the possibility of losing them. Since the Instagram Purge of 2014, this concern has only become more prevalent. However, it all comes down to the company and how well they maintain their followers. While most companies may have issues on a weekly basis with losing followers (these are the low-quality companies who sell cheap Instagram followers), the top companies do an exceptional job at managing high-quality, long-term followers.

If you’re concerned with losing Instagram followers, be sure to stick to our top companies.

Why Should I Trust These Reviews?
We’re on photographers, marketers, and bloggers on Instagram. We’ve all bought Instagram followers and we’ve been ripped off more times than we care for. So we made this site, and we’ve tested about 30 different companies and sellers. We know exactly what you should expect and what you shouldn’t tolerate – from order process and turnaround time, to quality and reliability of followers, to customer support and company policies. We get that buying Instagram followers is a common tactic, and want to make sure that anyone doing it doesn’t leave empty handed, scammed, or with a bad taste in their mouth.