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CoinCrack Review

Company: Coincrack (United States)
Starting Price: $9 / 500 Followers
Special Promo: $3.95/100 Followers

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CoinCrack Review – Short and Sweet Summary


CoinCrack is one of the best providers of Instagram Followers we’ve tested. They offer multiple packages to choose from, with competitive pricing from $9 for 500 followers. Their followers are high-quality (that look real) and usually start delivering within 1~2 hours from ordering, which really sets them apart from competitors.

In addition, CoinCrack offers customers full protection, something few others can claim. This includes a 100% money-back guarantee, guaranteed retention (with a replacement warranty) and complete anonymity. You can pay with their credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin.
If you need to buy Instagram Followers, we highly recommend CoinCrack. Currently ranked #2 for best Instagram Follower provider.

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About CoinCrack


Since their inception in 2013, CoinCrack has become one of the largest and most consistent Instagram follower providers in the market. They have carved a niche by being one of the first to not only accept, but embrace, the use of BitCoin (they offer a sitewide 5% discount!). Offering high-quality services that span nearly every social media platform, CoinCrack combines a unique blend of speed and affordability that you can depend on.


Plans & Pricing

Instagram Followers

CoinCrack’s pricing model scales with your follower needs. You can buy from 500 followers at $9 (1.8 cents / follower) to 9,000 followers at $89 (Less than 1 cent per!) It’s often far more cost effective to purchase bigger batches of followers, and watch them trickle in over the course of a few days. The biggest drawback with CoinCrack here is their limit of 9,000 followers max – far less than others like FastFollowers that boast plans as large as 1 Million Instagram Followers.

CoinCrack Plans
In addition to Instagram Followers, CoinCrack also offers an excellent Instagram Likes service. They offer an automatic version of both services which costs a small amount more, but can offer continued growth over time in a very natural-looking way.

Instagram Likes

CoinCrack offers lightning fast delivery for bulk Likes to posts, as well as automatic likes subscriptions.

Prices for Likes for Instagram Photos or Videos:
CoinCrack Plans

Prices for Automatic Likes:
CoinCrack Plans

CoinCrack also offers a unique 5% discount on every purchase paid for using Bitcoin. Over time, this can add up, as it also reduces the cost of their monthly services.


Delivery Time

Delivery Time

CoinCrack has the market cornered on delivery speed. On purchases of up to 2,500 followers, they promise a 24 hour turnaround time. Considering the high-level quality they produce, this is quite the accomplishment.
While ‘Instant Followers’ is a bit of an over-exaggeration, CoinCrack does an excellent job with expediting the delivery process. This is a plus in their column.


The Quality of Instagram Followers

CoinCrack provided quality followers to our review account as fast as any other provider has. All the names and bios of the followers appear natural, and the majority of the followers had their own set of photos (randomly distributed between 6 to 20+). Far above average when it comes to other providers, the majority of these followers would survive a manual inspection.



Instagram Follower Retention Rate


So far so good. We have not lost any Instagram Followers from CoinCrack, which shows a solid retention (most cheap providers experience losses daily). CoinCrack does offers a complementary replacement (refill) guarantee with their Instagram Followers service for an undefined amount of time if anything were to go wrong, which we’re happy about.

Our Instagram Account, CoinCrackReview currently has 527 followers as of writing (over-delivered). Feel free to check it for updated retention metric.

Customer Service

Customer Support

CoinCrack boasts superior customer support, which we can verify. We were constantly kept in the loop as to our order status, we received immediate feedback as our follower delivery began, and our customer support tests were dealt with quickly and professionally.


CoinCrack Review Conclusion

We feel strongly that CoinCrack offers an excellent combination of quality, price, options, and support. They are a dependable company with a wide-range of service offerings to choose from.
They will never require your passwords or log-on information, utilize a secure checkout system and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee along with their 100% Retention Guarantee. If you ever ran into a problem with your account or order, you can rest easy knowing that their Customer Support is top-notch.

CoinCrack’s only negative feature is its lack of larger (10k+) packages. We’re sure they’re working hard to add to their size options, but we eagerly look forward to the day that we can buy a million Instagram Followers at once.

  • Quality
  • Retention
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Scalability

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