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Buzzoid Review

Company: Buzzoid (United States)
Services: Instagram
Starting Price: $3 / 100 Instagram Followers
Ranking: #4 (See all the top providers)

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Buzzoid Review in a nutshell


Buzzoid’s team of social marketing experts has over 12 years of experience. Ever since Instagram launched in 2010, Buzzoid has been one of the leading experts for Instagram services. With their years of experience and over 1,000,000 satisfied customers, you can feel confident that you’re working with a reputable company.

What we loved: Instant Delivery, Cheap prices and high retention rate.
What we hated: Low-quality followers, no customer support

Overall, a good and fast provider for Instagram Followers. If you’re on a budget and need followers fast, Buzzoid may be the answer. If your looking for higher-quality followers and don’t mind paying extra or waiting a few days, then we’d recommend FastFollowerz or ViralKick.

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Plans & Pricing

Like most such services, the price per unit decreases as the volume increases. Their cheapest package promises 100 Followers for $2.97, which comes out to about $0.03 per follower. But if you spend ten times as much, you get 25 times as many followers – obviously a much better value.

Buzzoid can also help you get more Likes on your Instagram profile in two different ways. The prices for their standard service is exactly the same as for their Follower services.

  • 100 Followers/Likes – $3
  • 500 Followers/Likes – $7
  • 2,500 Followers/Likes – $30
  • 5,000 Followers/Likes – $40
  • 10,000 Followers/Likes – $70

Additionally, they offer a subscription service through a third party affiliation. They charge by the month, and the system is automated, so all you have to do is upload your photos as usual. Here’s some pricing examples:

  • 100 LIKES/PICTURE – $17/MO
  • 250 LIKES/PICTURE – $24/MO
  • 750 LIKES/PICTURE – $55/MO
  • 1500 LIKES/PICTURE – $100/MO
  • 3000 LIKES/PICTURE – $189/MO

Delivery Time

Delivery Time

Buzzoid claims to have “Instant Delivery,” and we found that statement to be quite accurate. Once we placed our order, we saw our Followers increasing almost immediately (within 5 minutes), and the order was completed within about four minutes. Further more, they delivered about 36% more than we ordered!

This is on par with Hypez’s delivery speed – the fastest delivery rate we’ve seen with any Instagram follower provider.

Buzzoid Followers

The Quality of Instagram Followers

The Instagram followers that Buzzoid provides are all on the lower-quality side of things. While they do have profile pictures, everything else goes downhill. Their names are usually random, they don’t have bios, they usually have between 1-3 photos each and their followers to following ratio is about 1:20 (double the average we’ve seen with other providers).

When it comes to quality, Buzzoid falls short than most. If quality is important to you (as it is for us), we would recommend a different Top provider.

Instagram Follower Retention Rate


The retention rate of our Buzzoid followers was extremely good. After over-delivering our order by 137%, we still had retained all of our new followers 6 months later. They also claim to have the ability to reset the followers and likes that they have already delivered, if they find it necessary.

Compared to other provides we’ve seen, Buzzoid has an outstanding retention and over-delivery rate. We don’t see any issues arising from losses in followers, and if you do by chance lose some, they over-deliver by so much that it’s not even an issue.

Customer Service

Customer Support

Buzzoid’s customer service is a little disappointing. Several attempts to contact their support team with more pre-sale and order questions were not successful. And although we found their service to be satisfactory, they do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent.

If you do choose Buzzoid for Instagram Followers, be aware that there may not be someone on the other end to answer your questions or fix issues, so tread carefully.

Buzzoid Review Conclusion

  • Scalability
  • Pricing
  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Customer Support


We have mixed emotions about Buzzoid. While they over-delivered on the number of followers we ordered--and in a timely manner--the quality of the followers was mediocre, and customer service was lacking.

They don’t require any of your passwords or log-on information, and have taken adequate measures to ensure your security. For payment, they accept only PayPal, and offer no money back guarantees.

This is a decent company that delivers what they promise. The lack of customer support is a concern, but their prices are cheap, so this might be a good choice for a budget-conscious customer buying small amounts of follower or likes.

User Rating: 3.7 (40 votes)


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