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AudienceGain Review – Honest Company or Complete Scam?.

AudienceGain Review

Company: AudienceGain (United States)
Starting Price: $7 / 500 Followers
Special Promo: None

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AudienceGain Review – Short and Sweet Summary


AudienceGain firmly establishes themselves as a solid provider of good quality Instagram Followers. They are one of the cheapest sources of acceptable followers on the market today, and they seem very dependable – which are the qualities that matter. The rest of their service is well-done, but they lack some of the bells and whistles available with higher-tier providers like FastFollowerz or CoinCrack such as a refund policy, retention guarantee and privacy policy.
They offer a solid service at an affordable price. Despite some minor quibbles over small issues, they deliver quality and value.

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About AudienceGain


AudienceGain is a Social Media Marketing provider founded in 2015 in Canada (but based in the US). They offer a variety of services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud. There isn’t much else to say – the company and team around it are very secretive and it’s hard to fully grasp whether we can fully trust that.


Plans & Pricing

Instagram Followers

AudienceGain offers very good value for their followers. As mentioned earlier, they are one of the cheapest providers of Instagram Followers and Likes on the market – with plans starting as low as $7 per 500 followers and scaling up to $100 for 20,000 followers. This places them as the lowest cost provider that we’ve reviewed so far. The scalability of their pricing table is an attractive feature as well – it’s more cost-effective to purchase larger groups of followers due to their discount. Their low-cost offerings give them 5 Stars for price.

AudienceGain prices for Instagram Followers:

  • 500 Followers – $7
  • 1,000 Followers – $12
  • 2,000 Followers – $20
  • 5,000 Followers – $45
  • 10,000 Followers – $85
  • 20,000 Followers – $160

AudienceGain’s ‘cap’ on Instagram followers is 20,000. This is a great start for their initial service offerings, but compared to FastFollowerz’ 1,000,000 Follower plan, seems fairly lackluster. This places their scalability at a respectable 3.5/5 Stars.

Instagram Likes

AudienceGain also offer Instagram Likes. Though we don’t have an AudienceGain Likes review yet, we did try them and rank them #5 in Instagram Likes providers. They only offer Photo/Video likes, unlike most of the other companies we reviewed.
They offer:

  • 500 Likes – $7
  • 1,000 Likes – $10
  • 2,000 Likes – $15
  • 5,000 Likes – $30
  • 10,000 Likes – $55
  • 20,000 Likes – $100


Delivery Time

Delivery Time

While not slow by any means, AudienceGain is certainly not the fastest at executing their services. While the promised followers all arrived with no real hitches, from beginning to end, the process took just shy of 48 hours. Compared to CoinCrack’s Instant Delivery service, there is room for improvement. We give their timing 4 out of 5 Stars.


FastFollowerz Instagram iPhone

The Quality of Instagram Followers

The quality of the followers provided by AudienceGain is good. Not impeccable, but certainly not trash. The vast majority of the followers are well-fleshed out, algorithm safe users with bios, pictures, and followers of their own. SOME of the followers, however, would likely not pass a manual inspection – which is important to consider if discretion is important to you. (Business Owner, Politician, High-Profile Blogger, etc.)

Overall, however, we were generally happy with the quality of the followers, and comfortable giving AudienceGain a 4 Star Rating for Quality.



Instagram Follower Retention Rate


We have not yet directly experienced any loss of followers gained via AudienceGain, which is excellent news, and would normally warrant 5 stars. Given the quality of the followers, and the speed at which they were delivered, however, we realize that if Instagram decides to initiate another “Great Purge”, then at least some of these followers would be lost. For that possibility, AudienceGain gets 4 out of 5 Stars.

Customer Service

Customer Support

Customer support is always a subjective matter, but so crucial to the rest of the buying process. AudienceGain delivered prompt customer service when we submitted questions, was there with us through the entire order and delivery process, and followed up with us after – which demonstrates that they care.

With that said, however, AudienceGain doesn’t seem to offer a Money-Back Guarantee or Retention Guarantee of any kind – which is troubling. (Click here to see why those Guarantees are so crucial) If they were to begin offering those two guarantees, their Customer Support score would be much higher than 3 out of 5 Stars.


AudienceGain Review Conclusion

Overall, the services provided by AudienceGain outperform the vast majority of the market. They are a new provider, and over time, we’re sure that their services will continue to improve in quality and consistency. While not the best provider on our Top 5 list, AudienceGain has every right to be be there. If they were to offer full guarantees in their services and increase the overall quality of their followers, we’d feel comfortable recommending them higher. For now though, AudienceGain is sitting pretty at a respectable #3 for our recommended service providers of Instagram Followers and Likes.


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