Buy Instagram Followers Reviews

The hardest part of creating an Instagram presence is cultivating a follower base. Buying followers is a great strategy to start with but it’s only the first step. Engaging your audience and growing your community after your buy followers takes hard work and patience. Let’s go over the next steps to take once you have a bought Instagram followers and you want to know how to make the best use of them to achieve your goals.

Engage Your Audience

Having a large following on Instagram does wonders for your reputation and authority. By buying followers you’ll start picking up new ones at a faster pace. However, your job is not over once you have bought followers; it’s important you engage with the new followers you are rapidly picking up. There are many proven ways to grow your engagement with your followers.

1. Calls to action

Calls to action means you are calling for your followers to take a clear and concise such as liking or sharing a post. An example of this is “Double tap if you are excited for summer!” Double tapping is a great phrase to use because it’s the action users take to like a photo and it’s exclusive to Instagram. Furthermore, in this example you’re appealing to the emotion of excitement, which will make your followers feel like doing something. Another call to action is “Tag a friend.” This strategy works great because it gives followers an incentive to tag someone who may not be a follower of your page. Once they see the post they are tagged in, they may decide to follow your page as well.

Here Instagram user @sbahle_mpisane calls on her followers to tag their friends, which many users who were excited about participating in the event with their friends ended up doing.

2. Use hashtags to your advantage

Hashtags play a vital role on Instagram. Once a hashtag is placed under a photo, it will instantly show up in searches and users anywhere on Instagram will be able to see it. The first key to hashtags is finding the popular ones that your target followers would interact with. To find these hashtags, monitor successful competitors and influencers within your industry and copy anything that look likes it works and would relate to your brand.

One hashtag that always seems to be trending is #tbt, which means “throwback Thursday.” If your followers constantly tweet #tbt every time Thursday rolls around, get in on the action.

Here’s an example of Instagram user @officialtamminsursok using the #tbt hashtag to recall an loving connection a mother has with her baby while at the same time using the image to promote positive feelings about her brand. Wow, look at all the likes she has!

#tbt. This is why I started @bottleandheels. The career mother needs to be valued and supported. 💗

A photo posted by Tammin Sursok (@officialtamminsursok) on

You can find what hashtags people are using through Instagram’s What’s Trending section. If a hashtag that relates to your page is trending, follow and interact with some of the people who are posting it. These are the people who you want in your community and will appreciate your posts.

3. Comment and interact with other users’ posts

Engaging with your audience means interacting with them and having meaningful conversations. There is no better way to get to know your followers than by taking an interest in what they’re doing. Comment and like posts so your account shows up on other users’ posts. Ask conversational questions or give credit where credit is due.

If a follower asks a question about a topic you know something about, answer them. It will make you seem friendly for giving free advice and hopefully will lead to positive word-of-mouth advertising from that user.

4. Try reposting images from your peers

Reposting is exactly like retweeting on Twitter. Repost images you see on Instagram to build relationships and social capital and entertainment your followers. It can be hard to constantly come up with quality images to upload every time on your own, so reposting can help fill in gaps as well. To repost, you have to find a photo that is relevant and take a screenshot of it. Next, find the camera button to post the photo and crop out your screen so only the photo is left. Now add a caption, give credit to the original user, and share it to your followers!

You can also use the Repost app to streamline the process. Here’s an example of Instagram user @wweaallday21 reposting an image taken by @wwemakeupdivas. Look at all the Insta-love this photo is getting!

A photo posted by Enzo Amore (@wweaallday21) on

5. Post more frequently

Accounts that rarely post will never be able to engage their audience because they are not giving their followers anything to interact with. Try to post at least a few times a week. Some accounts get away with posting once a week while others post every day. The most successful Instagram users are the ones that post the most often. For a user who has recently bought followers, it is better to have consistent posts to give to them to show you are serious about Instagram.

Grow Your Community

Your community consists of the people who are interested in your area of expertise. If you are a sports blog, your community is sports fans. If you are a dessert company, your community is people with a sweet tooth. Whatever your product, service, or topic is, you should base your posts around your community.

1. Promote account on your other social media pages

This is a very simple concept that many people don’t always take advantage of. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other popular social media page, link your Instagram to these pages. That way every time you post on Instagram, your Facebook friends or Twitter followers will see the post as well. Give them a reason to follow you on Instagram. Let them know you will share amazing posts that are exclusive to Instagram. Many pages will post the same content across all social media platforms, but each platform is different. What you post on Facebook should be different than what you post on Instagram. Tell your followers to follow your Instagram page for the fresh posts.

2. Collaborate with other Instagrammers

Collaborating with other users is a great strategy to grow your community. If you can find pages with a similar message, ask them if they would ever want to work together. Collaborations help to grow exposure because you can be seen by another page’s audience. Reaching more people will always have a positive impact on your page.

3. Post content to represent brand’s persona

This strategy works the best for lifestyle brands, but any business can accomplish it. Representing a brand’s persona means posting photos based on the lifestyle you can achieve with the product rather than the product itself. Again, this strategy works better for product-based businesses like apparel or clothing lines. If your brand is an edgy surfer style, post pictures of people heading to the beach with their surfboards while wearing your clothes. Idealistic lifestyle representations are very attractive on Instagram.

For instance, see how @hugoboss isn’t showing a picture of their fashion wear but rather a romantic scene where the clothes are an accessory to the action.

A photo posted by HUGO BOSS (@hugoboss) on

4. Run contests, encourage user-generated content

There are many options for contests on Instagram. They include like-to-win contests, where users are entered into a pool of people after they like a post. There are also hashtag-generated contests, where users can post their best picture with a certain hashtag you have chosen. You can then see the list of all the photos that have used that hashtag.

5. Quality, reciprocity and authenticity trumps everything

Above all, the quality of your posts will be the number one aspect to focus on. Unless you’re producing consistent, quality content, people will not pay attention to your page. Many users stray from their main focus and other users get confused on what message they are trying to get through. It’s certainly okay to offer opinions on different topics, but always stay true to the main reason why you created your account in the first place. Being genuine on social media is a tricky subject. Users’ have become so familiar with pages trying to sell something; it has become second nature to completely block them out. Being genuine and authentic starts with offering free value. Give advice and help with problems when they arise in your community. Offer value to your followers first and then focus on growing your community and engaging your audience.


Instagram is an incredible platform to promote your brand or business and buying followers is one of the top marketing tactics used by Instagram growth hackers. Having a large follower count is invaluable and definitely worth the money spent. It takes out the hassle of trying to grow an account from zero. Furthermore, it puts you in the right place to effectively grab the attention of your target audience. After you buy followers remember to take develop clear calls to action, run contests, and get involved with your community for maximum result.

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